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What NOT To Do In Paris

| March 5, 2010

Paris stopoverJaunted put together a fun list of top five things tourists shouldn’t do while in Paris. While some of their advice may seem, well, obvious (like don’t grow out a thin mustache or don a beret) some others were well worth pointing out.

One of the best pieces of information was:

DON’T forget to purchase an RER ticket for the train to the airport. Many tourists are tripped up on this since they believe that the initial entry ticket to the Metro will get them out to Charles de Gaulle airport. Alas, no. There are RER police that come aboard to check ticket, making sure you have a full fare ticket for the airport. If you’re caught lacking, then the fine is at least 20 Euros—it’d be a shame to lose your airport coffee and baguette money before even reaching CDG.

We also agree strongly with their tip to eating out in Paris:

DON’T order a la carte at dinner. Going out to a mid-price or fancy restaurant is a dream, when you’re in France and looking for the best wine and unpronounceable cheeses. Instead of racking up an astronomical bill by picking and choosing, better to go with a prix fixe menu, a more economical way to enjoy a variety of courses. Most restaurants have prix fixe menus that change daily, but beware of any outright labeled as “tourist menus,” since those will often skimp on the portions or offer up blander choices.

To see the rest of their list, click here. And to read the Layover Guide to Paris, click here!

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