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Getting Into A First Class Lounge (Minus A First Class Ticket)!

| May 12, 2010

Getting Into A First Class LoungeStuck on a long layover, and looking for the benefits offered at a premium, first class lounge but you’re only flying coach? With business and Internet facilities, food and refreshments, papers and magazines, and additional services, Premium and First Class Lounges are a great way to spend your time and can make your layover fly by (we couldn’t resist the pun).

Well the good news is that, many times, there are options for the coach traveler that can help you access the benefits of a lounge, without having to sit on a plastic chair at an airport fast food restaurant.

Pay In Lounges
Lounges that offer day rates to passengers regardless of the class of your airplane ticket are becoming more commonplace in airports worldwide. The Plaza Premium lounges (click here for locations), for example, are a chain popping up in airports across Asia where you can rest, relax and even shower in between flights. The idea is catching on in other airports as well, including the reLAX lounge at Los Angeles International Airport.

Priority Pass & Lounge Pass
If you travel too often to pay for individual day rates to lounges, the Priority Pass might be the route for you. With access to over 600 international airport lounges, the Priority Pass charges an annual membership fee for access to lounges that are part of their network. In addition, there is the Lounge Pass for as little as 13.50 British pounds that offers access to 150 VIP lounges worldwide. With a variety of membership plans depending on how often you fly, you can save money rather than paying a per visit day rate.

Credit Cards & Diners Club
Credit cards including the American Express Platinum, the Diners Club, and The Visa Black can also gain you access to select airport lounges. There’s usually an annual fee and stipulations on what you need to do, or spend money on, to make you eligible for access into certain airline lounges.

Airline Day Rates
Many major airlines including American, Continental and United often offer day rates into their airline lounges. Usually in the range of roughly $50 (although this can be negotiated for less if you request a shorter period of time visit), this can be purchased at the gate to the airline lounge upon arrival.

Airline Club Membership
If you loyally and regularly fly on one or two specific airlines, you can look into purchasing an Airline Club Membership for that airline. While they can be pricey, renewal fees are usually lower each year after joining (much like a gym membership).

If you are not able to access a premium lounge, or there aren’t any in your terminal or airport, you can find a number of other options and services at your specific airport, here at LayoverGuide.com.

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