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Top Ten Travel Gadgets

| May 17, 2010

Top Ten Travel GadgetsGotta pack your bags for your favourite long haul holidays and still muddled about the travel gadgets to carry? The world of travel gadgets can be overwhelming with a ton of new options flooding the market. From military standard water purifiers to high-end USB sticks for data travellers, the market is abuzz with the most innovative and ingenious products. Picking them, therefore, can be slightly confusing.

LayoverGuide.com has selected a list of ultra cool travel gadgets that one should avoid missing, no matter what the destination is:

SOL8: Solar Generator Suitcase
Imagine yourself at a beach while clicking the scenic azure waters and suddenly the battery dies… Well no need to worry when you can recharge those dead cells with this solar generator suitcase that produces powerful 13 watts of power; good to recharge even a car!

Stash Sandals
Travelling with cash and credit cards is always tricky. With a stash sandal, one can hide the money and cards inside the sandal’s sole. Ideal for tourists looking to carry money and yet remain unnoticed.

The Beerbelly
Even though it morphs your six packs into a grotesque paunch, Beerbelly is the perfect partner for those sunny days or trekking. Wrap it around your waist and forget about dehydration.

Casio Pathfinders watch
This masterpiece has a nifty altimeter, thermometer, compass, barometer, tide graph, dive log and depth gauge. On top of that it is solar powered. And they still call it a watch!

Wind up Cell phone charger
Imagine getting trapped at some isolated place while touring, and your cell phone ran out of juice… This wind up charger can help you escape such conditions with literally few rotations. The resultant energy can power up your cell phone for that emergency call.

GPS devices
Right from helping you with directions to marking the trekking trails and helping you upload them on Google maps, there are many types of GPS devices available such as the Sony GPSCS1KA GPS Unit Kit.

USB charged batteries
With laptops becoming as common as phones, USB based devices have become the main surge. Plug these batteries in and recharge them for your multitude of battery-run-devices.

Universal travel adapter
For USBs to run, you need to fuel your laptops or other USB devices. The obvious choice, then, is to pick one of these universal travel adapters that convert the incoming voltage to 120 volts AC power. These adapters are programmed for Europe, Asia, Africa America, Australia or the Caribbean.

Wenger Swiss knife
Got a bottle of beer in hand to open or a thorn in your sandals while trekking to pluck out? A Swiss knife can do all this and more.

Water purifier
Trekking is fun because it’s adventurous but without water it can a hell. With MSR water purifier, one can filter the naturally available water to a drinkable quality and continue the adventure with pause!

So whether you’re traveling in Cambodia or Kathmandu, these travel gadgets can surely make life a lot easier, and fun too.

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