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Feeling the Winter Blues? Visit One of These Winter Getaways

| December 6, 2010

Most of us have a tendency to feel a bit down in the dumps during winter. We’re stuck indoors all the time with no sunshine and we’re forced to curl up under blankets to keep warm, which isn’t always a bad thing but it can get boring after a whole season.

New York

New York is a place that many people want to visit during winter, especially over Christmas. With so many movies and TV shows making us lust over the magic of a winter in New York, we’re all eager to experience it for ourselves, and the city does not let its visitors down. One of the things it is famed for is ice skating, and you’ll be able to have a go on the famous ice rink at the Rockefeller Centre, or one of the larger or cheaper ones elsewhere. New York is also a great place for buying hot chocolate through the winter to keep you warm, which is handy because it’s colder there than it is in the UK and you’re likely to be spending a lot of time outside doing what many visitors go there to do: shopping! If you get there near Christmas you’ll be able to check out the sales and find some bargains.


Amsterdam is a charming place to visit in the winter and it’s perfect for Christmas shopping because instead of fighting through crowds in shopping malls you can head to the boutiques and specialty stores where you can find lots of quirky, unique and thoughtful gifts. You can also take advantage of the extra late night shopping hours to get your last minute gifts, and if you can’t find anything, you can try searching in the Christmas markets. When you’ve finished shopping you can head to one of over a thousand cafés or restaurants and then end your night at a comedy venue, pub or one of the world’s top clubs. You can also enjoy ice skating, festivals, and the spirit of gezelligheid which is something that can’t really be translated into English, but will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling which you can only experience in the city of Amsterdam’s festive season.


Paris is a magical place to visit at any time of year, but winter gives it something extra special to those looking for a romantic break. There will be fewer tourists provided you are not visiting during a Christmas festival so you’ll be able to get cheaper airfares and hotel rooms, and you’ll get to see and do more because there won’t be as many crowds. You might even be able to get into some really fancy restaurants which you would usually have to book months in advance. Be dazzled by the beautiful Christmas decorations, visit the Christmas markets, have a go on the ice skating rink outside the city hall and admire the huge Christmas tree of Notre Dame Cathedral. Strolling through Paris at any time of year is romantic, but what could be better than cuddling up together with a hot chocolate as you explore the City of Light.

New Zealand

If you’re separate to escape the cold during winter than your best option could be to travel to the other side of the world and soak in the heat instead. In New Zealand, you’ll be able to laze about on beaches and sunbathe as if it’s summer again. New Zealand is a really beautiful place and there are plenty of things for you to see and do, from exploring caves to taking part in extreme sports. For anyone who loves the summer, why not enjoy it year round by replacing your coldest months with another place’s hottest months?


If you’re someone who can’t get enough of the winter weather and loves being in the snow, then a great place for you to visit would be Iceland. Here you can really make the most of the cold weather by exploring the glaciers, waterfalls and mountains; bathing in thermal outdoor pools which are surrounded in snow, which can make for a rather surreal experience; or watching the northern lights. You can then retreat back to a cosy log cabin or even a glass igloo which will allow you to sleep under the stars and maybe even the glow of the Aurora Borealis (although you should note that the best time to see this is in the summer months).

If you’re still not sure where to go, then you can use a flight comparison tool to find the best prices and save money, which is something most of us want to do around the Christmas season.

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