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Swimming With Humpback Whales In The Dominican Republic

| June 9, 2011

While there are many activities to consider when planning Dominican Republic holidays but none can quite compare to swimming with Humpback whales.

The Silver Bank, which is approximately 100km north of the Dominican Republic, is considered a top breeding zone for the humpback whales.

Most Dominican Republic boat operations to the Silver Bank are booked for 7 days, although some 10-day tours are available. From the boat you can watch the whales, and if the crew decides that it’s safe to get in the water, you can watch the gentle giants in their own environment.

Additional activities in the Dominican Republic include scuba diving (although not with the whales), deep-sea fishing, kiteboarding and windsurfing, horse back riding, jet skiing, golf and more.

As far as experiences go, what could get any better than this?

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