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Scuba In Cuba: Best Diving Sites

| July 13, 2011

Cuba has some of the best diving and Layover Guide has the skinny on Cuba’s scuba.

1) Isle of Youth is Cuba’s special municipality, off the coast of Havana Province in the Gulf of Batabono. There are 56 diving sites and in addition to amazing diving, it’s said that buried treasures are around! You can reach the Isle of Youth by a flight from Havana, or fast catamaran (which will get you there hours quicker than the ferry).

2) Maria La Gorda is located in western Cuba in the Guanacahabibes peninsula in the Pinar del Rio province. There are over 50 diving spots in these clear waters, and this spot due to its marine life and corals, is one of the top ten places in Latin America.

3) Marea del Portillo is located within the Natural World Heritage Site of Desembarco del Granma National Park south of the Manzanillo Airport in Granma. Famous for its 2km of black sand, there are 17 dive spots which allow for close ups with the coral reef and the sunken ships at Santiago de Cuba waters.

4) Playa Giron is a great place in Cuba for beginner Scuba divers. There are 16 dive sites, and at the Zapata Peninsula, the Playa Giron Beach lies south-east of Playa Larga. There is a small airport nearby for charter flights.

Diving Facts For Cuban holidays:

What can you see? Cuba offers the possibility of seeing turtles, eels, stingrays, barracuda, triggerfish, lobster, shrimp, crabs, tuna, snapper and more. There’s the possibility to see whale sharks in November.

How warm is the water? The water temperature ranges from 72 degrees Farenheit (22°C) in the winter to 84 degrees (29°C) in the summer.

When’s the best time to go? Aside from hurricane season in October, diving is good for a Cuban holiday year round.

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