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Five Australasian Cruises for 2013

| January 30, 2013

Australasian cruisesWhile aboard any number of cruise ships leaving Sydney’s famous harbor, guests enjoy accommodations comparable to many fabulous hotels. Cruises last anywhere from 12 days to well over one month in length and sail to many exotic locations.

Sydney to Perth

These cruises explore cities around the northern coast of the country. In Brisbane, take a sand boarding tour of North Stradbroke Island or try sheep shearing at the woolshed. Airlie Beach features stunning beaches surrounded by natural forests. The destination also lies close to the world famous Great Barrier Reef. Named for the famous evolutionist, Darwin offer the opportunity for exploring the research center and seeing many unusual indigenous animals. Perth maintains a long history of mining. Attractions here revolve around diamonds and gold.

Sydney to Bali

Reefs and rainforest cruises from Sydney sail around the Great Barrier Reef and toward the tropical island of Bali. Stops along the way include Brisbane, which features stunning sandy beaches, spectacular botanical gardens and numerous restaurants and shops located along the river. Venturing on to the Hamilton and Whitsunday islands, guests have plenty of opportunities for fishing, hiking or scuba diving. Eventually arriving at Bali, cruises to this island paradise offer the chance to visit volcanoes surrounded by tropical jungles, tout various ancient temples and see the beautiful crafts made by the people.

Sydney to New Guinea

This epic journey lasts over one month in length and travels to various Asian countries. The metropolis of Hong Kong offers the chance to experience the culture and heritage of the country expressed in cinema, cuisine and music. Sailing on to Shanghai brings visitors face-to-face with numerous historical landmarks that include the Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower and Xintiandi. Known as the “Rio de Janeiro” of South Korea, Pusan has big city appeal but offers spectacular city from the mountains that divide the districts. The cruise continues to Iwo Jima, where visitors encounter many different sites dating from WWII. Journeying onward, the ship also stops at Guam and Rabaul, the volcanic city of Papua, New Guinea.

Sydney to the Loyalty Islands

Sail to the amazing Isle of Pines with soft, white sandy beaches that remind many of talcum powder. Graced by tall, narrow pine trees, the beach beckons many to relax in the sun. The diverse landscape of Lifou offers many activities. Go snorkeling and see the rainbow-colored world of coral reefs and tropical fish. Explore limestone caves or hike the forest covered hills. Tour the city of Noumea on New Caldonia where many venture to the popular Tjbaou Cultural Center. Hike Mount Koghis, kayak along the Dumbea River or enjoy a 4×4 adventure through the bush.

Sydney to Rome

When having 50 days to spare, embark on cruises from Sydney that travel to seven different continents around the world. The many stops along the way include Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Bangkok, Thailand and the island of Singapore. The ship continues on to Cochin, India, the Suez Canal in Egypt and the historic city of Barcelona, Spain. Finally, guests arrive in Rome for the chance to view numerous historical locations.

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