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Layover in Brasilia, Brazil

Oct 11, 2013 | Comments 0

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Departure tax can range from $12USD to $36USD. Depending on where you are traveling (your airport category and type of flight), you may need to pay a departure tariff. For more information on the different types of fees, click here.

If you’re planning on leaving the airport during your Brasilia layover, taxis are available outside the Arrivals Hall, and are generally considered to be the most efficient form of transportation into town, taking roughly 15 minutes (depending on traffic). In addition, buses and microbuses leave regularly from the airport into Brasilia (taking roughly 30 minutes). Car rental is also available.

Layover Guide’s Suggestions For Things To Do On A Brasilia Layover:

TV Tower

To get a great panorama view of the area, take a trip to the Brasilia TV Tower where you can take a look from the observation deck at 246 feet high! On weekends, you can often find street markets around the bottom of the tower.

Catedral Metropolitana

Brasiaila’s main Roman Catholic cathedral, the Catedral Metropolitana is a completely unique landmark to the city. Check out the spectacular nave stained glass window, the bronze sculptures of the Evangelists, and make sure to wander around the exterior to take in the architecture.

Parque Nacional Brasilia

Need to stretch your legs during your Brasilia layover? The Parque Nacional Brasilia has two pools of mineral water, a couple of walking trails, and many trees to spend the afternoon picnicking under.

Santuario Dom Bosco

Honoring an Italian saint who once dreamt of a utopian city, the Parque Nacional Brasilia honors this inspiration which Brasilia was founded on. Built on the 15th parallel of Brazil, the church is filled with a beautiful blue light due to the stained glass windows which cover the walls.

Have a suggestion for a Brasilia layover? Leave a comment below!

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