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Layover In Venice, Italy

| February 13, 2014

Stuck on a Venice layover at the Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) in Italy? As far as layovers go, you’re in a good spot. Built entirely on water, Venice is one of Italy’s most popular cities and is located just 7.5 miles (12 km) from the airport (even less by boat), making it easily accessible for those amongst you stuck on a long layover. If you’re weighing up whether or not you can leave the airport to see Venice attractions during your layover, click here for some useful tips.

Venice Italy LayoverIf you’re stuck in the airport during your stopover, fortunately there are plenty of shops, services and things to do to keep you entertained. To help you get situated, here’s an interactive map of the airport. As you’d expect of any international airport there are plenty of cafes and bars where you can grab a bite to eat or wile away a bit of time with a cup of coffee including Culto Café e Cioccolato. Besides the culinary options, the departure lounge on the first floor also features a number of retail shops selling a wide selection of goods from jewelery to sports equipment. A Travelex on the first floor can assist with any banking, currency exchange and postal queries you may have.

Nice additional touches include the first floor family area and the on-site opticians where you can get your eyes tested and a possible new set of frames before you head home. The Travelex Business Centre (tel: (04) 1269 8191) complete with meeting rooms, conference halls and individual workstations, secretarial support and translation services is also very handy if you have some important business to attend to during your layover. The airport also offers free WiFi Internet service.

The Venice airport has a total of three floors; the ground floor caters for arrivals while the first and second floors look after all departures. There are two departure lounges including the ‘Tintoretto Lounge’ for VIP and Alitalia customers complete with outdoor terrace, business centre and bar (tel: 041.2605245).

For a full list of Venice hotels at varying price points, click here.

If your layover is longer than a single night you should take the opportunity to leave the airport and explore Venice. Numerous taxis are available from outside the terminal, but the airport recommends that you book a taxi with the Venice Tourist Information Office in the arrivals hall (Tel: (04) 1260 9260). However, you may prefer to take a bus or water taxi into town. Average travel time is 20-25 minutes.

LayoverGuide.com’s Suggestions Of Things To Do On A Venice, Italy Layover:

Basilica San Marco
In a city blessed by beautiful architecture, Basilica San Marco is Venice’s crown jewel in terms of tourist attraction. The beautiful Byzantine structure is decorated throughout with some of the finest mosaics and art work in the world.

Piazza San Marco
As the city’s largest square, the Piazza San Marco is the epicentre of Venice and full to bursting point with monuments and artefacts that bear testimony to Venice’s glorious past. Of course, there are also plenty of cafes, bars and places where you can eat and take in what Napoleon once described as ‘the most elegant drawing room in the world.’

Rialto Market
Rialto Market is regarded by many as one of the best markets in the world and has been servicing fresh Mediterranean produce in the San Polo quarter of town since the middle ages. This is one not to miss and the fresh fruit is to die for on a hot summer’s day.

Accademia Galleries
Home to an unsurpassable collection of Venetian paintings, the Accademia Galleries has art work by some of the world’s best regarded artists including Titian, Bellini and Giorgine. An absolute must for art lovers, but a gallery where those that aren’t normally drawn to art will also feel at home.

Grand Canal
No visit to Venice would be complete without visiting the Grand Canal. Despite it now being the 21st Century this remains the city’s principle transport system and is always alive with boats, bank-side entertainment and beautiful architecture.

Have any suggestions for a Venice layover? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Namgyel says:

    Rome to Fiumicino airport is easy go to the main train stiotan (Termini) and simply buy a ticket using the automated ticket service. There are stiotans all over the place, and you can opt for an english language version. You’ll just tell it you want a one-way ticket to Fiumicino and then insert Euros or your credit card it’s about 12 euros, I believe? You can also get a taxi from your hotel to the airport, but the drivers spot a trusting American tourist a mile away they’ll typically way overcharge you. If you’re staying at a major hotel, like the Holiday Inn, they may have their own airport shuttle I think this is rarer with the hotels that are in the city proper, though (Fiumicino is about 12-20 km out of the center).Make sure you bring a pocket-sized Italian phrasebook it’s absolutely essential if you don’t know any Italian! Also, buy a travel guide (one each for Rome and for Venice will be a good idea, as you’ll get a more detailed idea of what is in each city than you would with another generalized Italy book), and you can tailor your visit to your own interests.If you have an interest in the ancient city (I’m an archaeologist, so I’m biased!), I highly recommend the Forum & Colosseum, and the Capitoline Museum (which has an *amazing* ancient collection, and also a very nice Renaissance section). The Vatican also has an immense art collection spanning the centuries. The Pantheon is also really beautiful, and is free it’s an easy walk from most spots in the city, and can be a really quick stop-off. Rome is my favorite place in the world enjoy it