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Saudi Arabia Layover At King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED)

| February 8, 2014

Stuck on a Saudia Arabia layover at Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED)? The airport is located roughly 19 km (12 miles) north of the city of Jeddah, which make the city an accessible destination for those stuck on long layovers. If you’re trying to determine whether you can leave the airport during your Saudi Arabia layover, click here for useful tips.
Jeddah Saudi Arabia Layover
If you’re stuck inside the King Abdulaziz International Airport during your layover there’s plenty to do. The airport hosts a number of restaurants in the South Hall and Departure Hall, shopping, and bank services (Al Rajhi Banking Establishment and the National Commercial Bank).

The Hajj Terminal is considered one of the largest in the world, specifically built to cater towards foreign pilgrims arriving for the annual Hajj in Makkah. The Hajj Terminal offers many services and facilities, including 120 shopping stores, restaurants, fast food stands, a medical center, and a mosque that can accommodate 80,000 travelers. In addition, there are many locations for prayer in the airport. The main mosque in which the Friday Prayer is performed is located in the court of the South Hall.

If you arrive at night or are looking for a place to rest, there are many hotels nearby in Jeddah. For a comprehensive list of hotels of varying price points, click here.

If you’re planning on leaving the airport during your Saudi Arabia Jeddah layover, there are transportation options including limousine companies and private taxis

Things To Do In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia During Your Layover:


This vibrant marketplace in Jeddah is a shopper’s paradise with a combination of many specialized markets including gold and silver, spices, electronics, textiles and much, much more.

King Fahad’s Water Spring

The Jeddah Corniche and King Fahad’s Water Spring is a great area to rest and relax during your layover. Here you can check out the impressive sculptures, take a walk, and view the King’s Fountain, which is the largest fountain in the world.

Floating Mosque

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Jeddah is the Floating Mosque. One of the sacred sites in the city, the mosque is located next to the Red Sea and gives the illusion that it is floating.

Makkah Gate

The Makkah Gate in Jeddah is one of the oldest remaining gates in Saudi Arabia, and one of the main entrances for Hajj pilgrims.

Biet Nassif

A prominent renovated structure in the Old City is Biet Nassif, one of the most popular houses in Jeddah. Now a museum, the house was owned by a merchant clan who settled in Jeddah Nassifs, the Nassif House is located at Suq al Alawi, one of the main city streets.

Click here for more suggestions of things to do on your Jeddah, Saudia Arabia layover.

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  1. neez says:

    hi..want to check. i booked a ticket with a travel agent online from ist to kul with layover of 19 hrs in jeddah. tried to get a transit visa but not successful due to hajj season. checked with the agent and they charge high rate.
    tried to change the ticket with saudia but need to go thru same travel ageny. since it is too much hassle..our plan is to buy new ticket from ist to kul or another plan is to check what is the penalty of not having transit visa in jeddah. which one is more reasonable?