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Layover In Karachi, Pakistan (Jinnah International Airport)

| March 16, 2014

Stuck on a Karachi layover at Pakistan’s Jinnah International Airport (KHI)? The airport is located roughly 15 kilometers from downtown Karachi which makes the city an accessible destination for those stuck on long Pakistan layovers. If you’re trying to determine whether you can leave the airport during your Karachi layover, click here for useful tips. For Visa and passport information click here.

Karachi Pakistan layover stopoverIf you’re stuck inside the Jinnah Airport during your Pakistan layover, there’s plenty to do. The airport has plenty of stores in the Shopping Arcade, a number of restaurants, banking services and ATMs, and baggage storage for up to 24 hours in case of emergency or transit visits.

The Jinnah Airport also hosts the CIP Lounge for first class and business passengers. Other passengers can gain entry to the lounge for 6 dollars per person for international flights, and Rs. 200 per person for domestic flights. The lounge offers TV, telephone, fax and Internet.

If you arrive at night or are looking for a place to rest there are many hotels nearby in Karachi. To view a comprehensive list of Karachi’s hotels of varying price points, click here and for hotels specifically near the airport, click here.

If you’re planning on leaving the Karachi airport during your Pakistan layover, there are taxis available at the Arrivals Lounge, as well as railway tickets, and rental cars.

Layover Guide’s Suggestions Of Things To Do On A Karachi Layover:

Mahata Palace

Karachi’s Mahata Palace is one of the city’s most distinguished monuments, which was first build as a resort and is now a museum. The palace is home to a number of exhibits – to see what is available during your visit, click here.

Safari Park

Located on Main University Road, the Safari Park has a chairlift which provides great views of the city and lake. In addition, the park provides various animal and bird life. In addition, separately is the Karachi Zoo.

Empress Market

The Empress Market is named in honor of the Queen of England, who during the the time that the building was constructed was the Empress of India. The bustling market has all sorts of goods and services.

Bagh Ibne-Qasim Park

The Bagh Ibne-Qasim Park is one of Karachi’s biggest attractions with over 130 acres with a turtle pond, food stands, fountains, murals, rose saplings, and more. It’s a great place to stetch your legs after a long flight.


Bhambore is the ruins of an ancient port city near Karachi and is only recommended for those with very long layovers. About 64 km east of Karachi, this is the site where the young Arab warrior Mohammad Bin Qasim landed his armies in 711 AD.

None of these interest you? For a ton of other things to do on your Karachi Layover, click here!

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