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Layover At Sharm el Sheikh International Airport in Egypt

| November 11, 2014

Stuck on a Sharm el Sheikh layover at Sharm el Sheikh International Airport (SSH) in Egypt? The airport, formerly known as Ophira International Airport, is located roughly 7 miles from downtown Sharm el Sheikh, a top Red Sea destination in Sinai, which makes this destination accessible to those stuck on long layovers. If you’re trying to determine whether you can leave the airport during your Sharm el Sheikh layover, click here for useful tips.

Layover in Sharm El Sheikh, EgyptCLICK HERE for the Layover Guide to Cairo, Egypt

If you’re stuck inside the Sharm el Sheikh International Airport during your layover, there’s plenty to do while you wait for your connecting flight. The airport has a number of services including duty free shopping, café and restaurants. Additional services including lounges, VIP services, banking and more can be found in Terminal 1.

If you arrive at night or are looking for a place to rest, there are many options. Full a full list of Sharm el Sheikh area hotels of varying price points, click here and for a list of hotels specifically near the airport, click here.

If you plan on leaving the airport to travel into Sharm el Sheikh, taxis are available at the airport. Fares are to be agreed upon before beginning your trip, and the fare from the airport to Naama Bay by a regular taxi costs roughly EGP40. Tourist taxis run at a higher price. In addition, minibuses travel regularly, and the travel time is roughly 20 minutes.

Layover Guide’s Suggestions Of Things To Do On A Sharm el Sheikh Layover:

Sharm el Sheikh Tours

There’s tons of tours to do in Sharm el Sheikh and you can scuba dive (leave at least a day after diving before getting on a plane), snorkel, ride sand buggies and tons more.

Naama Bay

Sinai’s Naama Bay is located in Sharm el Sheikh and is where the action is taking place in the city. Here you can enjoy all water activities, lie in the sun, eat, shop and relax.

El Fanar

The area of El Fanar is a beach town outside of Sharm el Sheikh where you can relax in the sun, enjoy the nightlife discos, or sit back and watch the boats on the sea.

SOHO Square

A great entertainment center, with shopping, restaurants, nightclubs, ice skating rink, bowling alley and more, check out SOHO Square for a fun place to spend your layover. You can check out Africa’s first Ice Bar here!

Shark’s Bay

Only ten minutes from Sharm el Sheikh, Shark’s Bay has the Sinai desert and the ocean – all rolled up in one. Here you can do some diving, watch camels walk along the beach, or spend some time with the Bedouins.

Have a suggestion for a Sharm el Sheikh layover? Leave a comment below!

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