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Layover in Chengdu, China

| January 13, 2015

Stuck on a layover at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU) in China? The airport is located roughly 10 miles from downtown Chengdu which makes the city an accessible destination for those stuck on long layovers. If you’re trying to determine whether you can leave the airport during your Chengdu layover, click here for useful tips.

Chengdu China layover pandaIf you’re stuck in the airport during your Chengdu Shuangliu layover, there’s plenty to do to help you bide the time. The airport has a large duty free shop in the International Departure Hall with everything from crafts to wine and cosmetics. If you’re hungry, the Airport Restaurant is a three-floor restaurant that caters to the Cantonese and Sichuan cuisines. The first floor is a dining hall, the second has private rooms and a bar, and the third is a tea art house.

The two-star Air Hotel (Tel: 028-85205577) is located on the airport premises and is a great place to access business facilities or rest in between flights. There are also many additional hotels near the airport, and for a full list of Chengdu hotels of varying price points, click here.

There is also a Business Center located in the Departure terminal, and a lounge at 2F of the Departure Building. Banking facilities and ATMs are located throughout the airport.

Taxis can be found in front of the airport. There is also an airport bus will take you to the Minshan Hotel (final stop) where you can then take a taxi into Chengdu.

Layover Guide’s Suggestions Of Things To Do On A Layover In Chengdu, China:

Chengdu Tours
If you have a limited time to check out the sights, might want to take a tour of the city that will pack them all in a short time frame. There are many to choose from including day tours, historical and cultural tours, cooking classes and food tours, opera shows, and much more!

Giant Panda Research Base
Located at: No.26 Xiongmao Avenue, North Of Chengdu, the Giant Panda Research Base is a great way to see and photograph giant panda bears. Traffic may be bad and budget plenty of time on both ends.

Wenshu Yuan Monastery
Considered to be the best preserved Buddhist temple in Chengdu, the Wenshu Monastery is home to over 500 paintings and pieces of calligraphy, equisite gardens and architecture.

Mount Qincheng
One of the most famous Taoist Mountains in China, Mount Oincheng is a great place to stretch your legs during your Chengdu layover. The Mountain is very scenic and has many historic sites including he Jianfu Palace, the Shangqing Palace, and the Tianshi Cave.

Wuhou Memorial Temple
The Wuhou Memorial Temple was dedicated to Zhuge Liang and covers close to 400,000 square feet. Inside you can find sculptures, a huge stele as well as enjoy the beautiful architecture.

Shu Feng Ya Yun Sichuan Opera
The Shu Feng Ya Yun Sichuan Opera offers an unparalleled cultural experience in Chengdu. Every night, it offers shows such as Face Changing, Fire Breathing, Lantern Rolling as well as puppetry, vocal, string and drum performances. (Tel :86-28-86111025)

Have suggestions for a Chengdu layover? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Shane says:

    If you have an overnight stay at CTU, there is the Chengdu Airport Hotel about 5 min walk across a few streets (lined with taxis all day and night). not too expensive and they seem to always have rooms. If you decide to stay in T2 international terminal overnight, you will not be alone. At one end of T2 on departure level, the KFC was open until just after midnight and reopened at 6 am. At the other end of T2 on arrival level, the Burger Star was open until 3 am. There are no other tables available, so if you plan on working, 3 am is probably the latest you can do. The “resting lounge” for transit passengers on the top floor above the departure hall is closed at night, so no luck there. But, there is no one up on that floor and it is quieter but you only have the floor available. There are very few seats/benches and they are taken early with people lying down across the benches. I was able to hang out like a vulture and after about 20 minutes a woman got up and left and I pounced to get 2 seats that I could curl up on and sleep a bit. The place can be noisy, so sleeping is not easy, and activity picks up a lot by 4 to 4:30 am with some counters opening at 5 am. Overall, this is a lousy airport to stay overnight. There is a py lounge on departure side. I did not check that out.