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Top Ten New Gadgets That Will Change the Way You Travel

| September 14, 2015

Travel gadgetsLong gone are the days you had to leave your computer behind when you traveled. Today’s tech gadgets are smaller and lighter, and afford travelers capabilities they could only dream about 10 years ago.

Layover Guide has put together a roundup of ten new travel gadgets you won’t want to leave home without.

  1. PowerCard

Faster than a Eurostar train, slimmer than a supermodel, it’s PowerCard to the rescue! Just when you need to make that important phone call to the office so that they know you really are on call as promised, instead of perusing the beer menu at that Bavarian beer garden, your battery dies. Your phone plugs right into this little beauty, no outlet needed. Professional credibility saved! Mom might appreciate a jingle, too, while you’re at it…

  1. Bluetooth Mini Speaker

Bluetooth mini speakers are the answer to music on the go. Just sync your phone up with this bad boy, and you’ll be shaking your groove thing wherever the music takes you, whether it’s poolside, an impromptu disco party in your hotel room or white noise to help you drown out your roommate’s snoring.

  1. Smart Watches

You’re juggling train maps, figuring out foreign currencies and wrangling kids as it is. Who has time to stop to pull out a phone and check emails, texts, missed calls, calendars, social media and all that? A quick glance at a smart watch can give you all the info you need. Some models also incorporate features such as audio and video streaming, apps, fitness and sleep monitoring, photo viewing and more.

  1. Camera Phone Lenses

With a smart watch taking over some of its duties, your camera phone may be looking to expand its repertoire. Camera phone lenses can allow you to add a bit of artistry to your travel photos, while taking up very little precious suitcase room. Wide angle, fisheye, telephoto lenses, as well as other options, are available, and some can be used universally, regardless of phone type. Throw in a mini tripod while you’re at it, so you don’t have to rely on crammed selfies to get the whole gang into one photo. And your phone can rest assured it has job security.

  1. Anti-loss Tracker

Don’t let your vacation turn into an exercise in stress-management. These little Bluetooth devices can help you locate your luggage, keys, phone, pets, kids… any of those things whose loss could turn your great trip into a great tragedy.

  1. Solar-powered Backpack

The gadget to carry all of your other gadgets. While you’re out enjoying new vistas, your solar-powered backpack does double-duty, carrying all of your day’s needs while charging all of your other electronic gadgets using all of the sun you’re soaking up. Only it doesn’t need sunblock.

  1. Travel Router

Turn your internet connection into a wifi hotspot. One connection allows you to set up a mini network of all of your devices. Many of these travel routers also have USB ports to charge your devices. Encryption capabilities on some models allow you to keep the true nature of your mission secret—well, your credit card and other sensitive information, at least.

  1. Portable Scanner

A must for the business traveler or anyone else who needs to scan and organize paperwork while on the go. Many are wireless and compatible with both PC and Mac. Save your documents to the Cloud or anywhere else you want them to go, from wherever you are, thanks to battery power and USB ports. And a portable scanner may take less room in your suitcase than all that paper you’ll be able to leave behind.

  1. Privacy Filter

Traveling allows you to open yourself up to new experiences. Don’t allow it to also open up your private information to potential thieves. Privacy filters, either for your computer or cell phone can frustrate the prying glances of nosy Nellies.

  1. Global Translator

Parlez-vous français? Maybe not, but you don’t have to cram Rosetta Stone courses before your next trip to France, or anywhere else, thanks to your new best friend, the global translator. Helps you order drinks, mingle with the locals, and prevents you from ordering something a bit too exotic for dinner. Merci!


By Kathryn S. Taylor

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