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Can I Leave The Airport During A Layover?

| December 12, 2015

airport flights delays layover stopoverA lot of people want to know: how do you know when you can leave the airport on a layover?

Long layovers offer a kind of two-for-one deal. If you leave the airport, they offer the chance to explore an extra country along the way, possibly one you’d never thought to visit. But without knowing up front what you’ll have to deal with and careful planning, you could end up missing your flight and your intended destination. Layover Guide breaks down layover time demands so that you can plan ahead:

Do I Need A Visa?

You will have to check ahead of time to see if you’ll need a visa to enter the destination that you’re arriving at. Check with your country to see what your entry requirement is into your layover country. Some require visas, even for very short visits, while others don’t. In addition, at certain countries you can pay for the visa when you arrive, but many destinations need to be planned ahead of arrival.  For more in-depth information on How To Get A Travel Visa, click here.

Boarding Passes

No matter whether your flight is domestic or international, you’ll likely receive boarding passes for all legs of your journey at your first check-in, assuming you booked the entire flight at one time and through the same airline (or possibly even a partner airline). If you used a booking engine (i.e., Travelocity, Expedia, etc.) or your second flight isn’t operated by the same airline or its official partner, you may need to get your second boarding pass at the airline counter operating your second flight. Either way, allow plenty of time to get to your second gate. At large airports, it can take a hefty chunk of time to get to one end from the other, and may require shuttles—and time finding the shuttles.


Generally your luggage will be checked to your final destination on domestic flights, and you can always check with your airline to see if you can check your luggage through to your final destination on international flights. Many lengthy layovers up to 24 hours are considered a connection, so often times you can check your baggage all the way through on these flights as well. However, on many international flights — including those back into the U.S. or Canada — you may need to collect your luggage and re-check it.

If you need to pick up or hold onto your luggage during your layover, you can always leave it in the airport at a locker or Left Luggage facility. You can find out where these facilities are at the airport’s website, or on our individual airport Layover Guides. If the airport does not offer storage for luggage, you can always leave them in a hotel room while you explore the city.

Transit Area

Transit travelers are those not staying in the country or even leaving the airport.  If there’s a “transit” area, you can head there and won’t have to go through customs. Some countries require visas of even transit travelers, so it’s best to check any visa requirements before visiting a country, even if you’re never leaving the airport.

For most layovers, you can leave the transit area (and airport) in between flights, as long as you have a visa (if necessary) and go through customs and immigration on the way out, and of course you’ll have to pass through security again on your way back into the airport. However, some tickets may not permit you to leave the airport. Always check beforehand with your airline to see if your ticket allows you to leave the transit area.

Customs & Immigration

Take into account that for many countries, you will have to go through Customs and Immigration upon your first point of entry into a new country, regardless of whether you’re connecting. Always budget extra time for this when deciding if you are going to leave the airport for your layover.


Unless you have to go to a different gate that’s outside the hub where your first flight arrives, domestic travelers are unlikely to have to go through security again. International travelers, though, most likely will have to pass security measures a second time.

Schengen Area

About 30 years ago, most of the countries of the European Union, as well as a couple of additional countries, formed the Schengen Area to allow citizens and others to cross borders effortlessly, including for work, travel and living. What this means for travelers from the U.S. is that while you’ll need to go through border control at your first entry into the region, you won’t need to if you’re traveling on to another country encompassed by the Schengen Area.


Always check with the information desk about the best, or Layover Guide’s individual guide to each airport, to find the most reliable transportation option for leaving the airport and traveling around the city. If you are not familiar with the area, or the language, budget for plenty of extra time to get back to the airport, in case of delays or navigational errors. Also, take into account traffic, and distance when computing the time that you have to see the sights.

Additional FAQs & Resources:

There are lots of questions on what to do when planning your layover. Layover Guide listed all of our quick, helpful resources to navigating your layover:

Do I Have Enough Time To Leave The Airport?

This is a popular question, and the answer varies based on your layover location, and many other factors including whether you need to transfer currency, how far away downtown is, how reliable transportation is, whether you know the language, how much traffic is expected during when you’re commuting, etc. Here is more information on How Much Time Do I Need To Leave the Airport?

What Do I Need To Know (Or Do) For A Connecting Flight?

Connecting flights bring up lots of questions: Do I need to recheck my luggage? What Do I need to do for International connecting flights? Is there a difference if I buy two separate tickets on different airlines? Here is more information on Catching Connecting Flights to help break down what you need to know.

For Overnight Layovers, Does My Airline Provide a Hotel Room?

Many times, airlines do provide hotel rooms for travelers booked on a flight with an overnight airline. Call your airline and inquire beforehand. Here you can find lots of other Tips On Making The Most Of Your Layover.

What Do You Do If You Miss Your Layover Connecting Flight?

There are many reasons that you can miss your layover connection, and Layover Guide gives the lowdown on what happens if you miss your flight. You can find ways to avoid this from happening, as well as when the airline will cover the costs in our article, What To Do If You Miss Your Layover Flight.

How Can I Get Through Security Faster?

For those crunched for time, there are some great ways to expedite your security wait time, including getting approved for TSA PreCheck. For lots of great tips, visit our article on Tips for Getting Through Airport Security.

Additional Helpful Resources:

What To Pack On A Layover?

You have limited space, and limited time on your layover. What are the best things to pack? Here’s Layover Guide’s Ultimate Layover Packing List. And for those who are backpacking, here’s our Top Ten Backpacking Essentials.

What Luggage Is Best For A Layover?

The size, weight and dimensions of luggage is critically important for planning a layover. Will it fit as a carry on? Is it easy to move and wheel, or carry? Layover Guide breaks down the Best Layover Luggage, by traveler type.

Where Should I Stay During A Layover?

Layover Guide lists hotels you can stay in that are either close to your specific airport, or located in the main downtown area of each city. Check your specific Layover Guide to your specific city at Layover Guide A-Z.

Are There Tours I Can Do During My Layover?

Yes! Layover Guide is partnered with Viator, which provides organized tours in many different interests – from sightseeing tours, to private tours, and tours in specific interests. There are also night tours available at many destinations. Check your specific Layover Guide to your specific city at Layover Guide A-Z and you can find all the tour information under “things to do.”

I’m Traveling With My Pet. What Do I Need To Know?

Your pet is part of your family – so why wouldn’t you want to spend your trip with your best four-legged friend? What do you need to know when flying with your dog or cat? Layover Guide breaks down all the basics to airline travel with pets, including logistics, planning for layovers, here.

Have any other general layover questions that aren’t listed above? Leave a comment below!


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  1. Arjun Kartha says:

    Lovely article! Just curious — I have a 18 hour layover in Heathrow on my way from New Delhi to New York (I have a US visa).

    I can’t seem to figure out whether I can exit the airport, have a look at the city — and be right back for my flight without a visa?


    • Jim says:

      Of course you need no visa for the UK!

      • Lloyd says:

        Sorry Jim, I disagree. Having a US visa doesnt give rights to enter other countries. I am a Indian citizen with a US-greencard and I had issues getting out of the airport in London for sightseeing during a 16hr-layover.

        • U D says:

          Hey Lloyd,
          Do you mind telling why you were not allowed to enter? I came across this forum and 2 people have posted that they got a free visa to visit london.


          • PPOOOOPPP says:

            I disagree. that could have never happened because i am indian and have a US greencard and i got out fine on a 18 hour layover

    • mel says:

      if you are a US passport holder, yes you can exit the airport without a pre-arranged visa.

      Holding a US visa is not sufficient to enter UK. The basis is passport and not visa.


    • Hustler says:

      Hi Dears, I am an Indian citizen flying from Paris to India Via Dubai & has a 6hrs halt at Dubai, can i come out of immigration & explore Dubai for few hours.

    • Jeff says:

      I have just received notice of a schedule change to my flights which adds a pointless connection.
      I booked UK to Newark, Newark to Fort Myers which had a 3 hour layover in Newark.
      I have now been changed to UK to Newark, Newark To Houston, Houston to Fort Myers which get me in 4 hours later than originally scheduled. It seems that 2 of the 4 flights from Newark to Fort Myers have been canned, leaving only an early flight which we could not get or a late flight which gets us into Fort Myers at the same time as the Houston connection would.
      So before I call the airline (UA all the way) to ask if I could change to give me an 8 hour layover in Newark instead, I’d like to know the following;

      1 – Will my bags check straight through, or will I need to clear US customs and re-load my bags?
      2 – Can I then leave the airport to spend the day in NY and return to pick up the final connection?

      This seems like a better option than unnecessarily airport hopping in and out of Houston!


      • Andrew says:

        On the reading I’ve done so far (as originally had a 4 hour layover in Newark which has now turned into an eight-and-a-half hour layover) I think you’d have to clear US customs and re-load your bags in Newark as this is your first point of entry into the US.

  2. Kieran says:


    I have a 15 hour overnight layover in Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport travelling from Dubai to Kiev, Ukraine. I’ll arrive at 11pm and leave at 2pm the next day.

    I am an Australian citizen, and have a visa to travel into Ukraine, but I am wondering if it will be worth it to try and leave the airport (for some fresh air at least)..
    and if so, will I need a visa for the couple of hours? and is there a massive risk in trying to catch some shut-eye in the airport?

    Also this website is amazing!

    • nek says:

      youll need full, pre-arranged russian entry visa no matter how short. not sure cost for an aussie but for me (uk)it was £150, not worth it for hours imho

      only exception in whole of russia to this is if arriving via sea to st petersberg, where you are allowed a few days visa free

  3. Ryan says:


    I purchased a flight from Korea to US with a layover in Japan from United Airlines. But when I looked closer at the itinerary the flight from Korea to Japan is provided by a different airline but from Japan to US its provided by United even though I purchased the entire flight from one airline.

    Which airline am I suppose to contact in order for me to know if I may travel outside the airport in Japan?


    • Jay says:

      Ryan, you contact the airline that is the marketing carrier: which is the flt # assigned to the first leg of your itinerary.

  4. linda says:

    I have a layover for 15 hours in Frankfurt Germany, I am a US citizen, can I leave the airport without getting a visa. What is required for me to leave and return the same day?

    • warren currier says:

      It seems:

      “Euro-zone countries do not require a visa for less than 90 day visit”

      My wife and I flew from Boston to Zurich and continued on to Belgium at the end of Oct and early Nov 2012. We were bumping around cities and towns for about ten days and no one ever asked for any documentation but for our passports at the landing in Switzerland on the return route through Montreal.

  5. penpen says:

    I have 6hrs layover at Santiago Chile airport.
    I want to go check put the city if not too risky to come back for my next flight, domestic flight in Chile. Any recommendation? I have US passport. Thanks

  6. Em says:

    I have a 4 hour layover in the heathrow from sfo. Then going to prague. Can I leave security and meet up with a friend on the other side of security for an hour or two and make it back through easily?

  7. anna says:


    I have a 12 hour layover in Atlanta coming in from Johannesburg and onward to San Francisco. I am a US citizen. I planned it that way so I could go to a hotel and get some sleep in-between flights. Any issues with my checked luggage going straight thru to San Fran or do I have to pick it up in Atlanta and keep it with me.

    • Ritesh says:

      Yep! It should not be an issue and your luggage should reach SF.

    • Laura says:

      You’ll have to pick it up when you touch down in the USA, clear customs, and then recheck it. You must always clear customs as soon as you touch down in the USA.

  8. Amani A. says:

    Hello there, I am an American citizen flying from Jordan to California. My connecting flight is in London Heathrow Airport and my layover is about 20 hours. The airline I am flying with is American Airlines. Will I be allowed to leave the airport to meet up with a few friends in London??

    • Ritesh says:

      Since you’re an American citizen, you should not require a visa to leave the airport or go anywhere in the UK for that matter.

      • Stacy says:

        Hello, I am also leaving from Jordan to the US and have a 23 hour layover in the UK. I read that I would have maybe call the airline for some reason?? Would that be for luggage purposes?? Also, the hotel in the airport terminals… I have friends that live in the UK on a student visa, would they be able to come and visit me in the hotel?? Appreciate a fast reply. Thank you 🙂

  9. kathy says:

    i am a uk citizen travelling to South Carolina. I have a 11 hour layover in philadelphia and wld like to know whether i am permitted to leave the airport to sightsee during my stop over period. thank you for your help

    • Ritesh says:

      I’m not an expert but to my knowledge, a UK citizen does not require a visa “just to” enter the USA and vice versa. There may be certain conditions where you “might” require a visa, but for 11 hours, I reckon you shouldn’t need one.

      Hope that helps.

    • Claire says:

      Hi Kathy, I found your post after googling a similar question! We are UK citizens too, and on our return from Florida to the UK we have the option of either 2 hours or 10 hours in PHL – I’d go for the 10 hours if we can leave the airport, hire a car and go for a whistlestop tour of the city. I guess that since we already have our ESTAs for the USA there wouldn’t be any problem with that? I just wondered if you’d be able to confirm whether you managed to do this without any problems? Thanks!

      • Dan says:

        Ditto! I’m travelling Raleigh to London via Philadelphia (return journey). I want to visit friends overnight in PHL but my airline can’t tell me if leaving the airport at PHL is possible. The last thing I want to do is turn up and find out I’m stuck in airport for 19 hour transit! I’m a UK passport holder with a valid ESTA. Thanks!

    • Mark says:

      When you’re flying to the States, you clear immigration in the first airport you land at. Thereafter you’re free to tour the city/country subject only to re-clearing security etcetera.

      When leaving the States, strictly speaking you need to hand in your I-94 when you check in, although it may be possible to hold on to it until you board the international leg, try calling your carrier

  10. Edz says:


    I will eb travelling back to Manila from Houston and then Los Angeles then Hong Kong to Manila. I have a 13 hour Lay-over in LA. Do I need to check-out my baggae and check-in again for my international flight via Cathay Pacific?

  11. Joe says:

    I have a 22 hour layover in Sao Paulo en route to Santiago. Without a VISA may I check into the airport hotel to wait for my connecting flight? Or if I check into the hotel must I first get a visa even though I am just on an extended layover?
    I am a US Citizen/passport holder
    traveling on TAM from Orlando.
    I have a disability and use hand crutches to walk and have leg braces as well.
    Travel is March 8 (layover 22 hours) then connect next day to my destination Santiago, Chile. Thankss!!

  12. Eleonora says:

    Hello, I’m from Croatia but now I’m studing in Czech Republic so I have visa for that. Soon I’ll go to Finland and I have layover in Paris for 8 hours and I was thinking about to go and see Eiffel Tower during that time, do I need to have visa for that?

  13. klein nnani says:

    Hi i have a 4 hour layover in spain…i was wondering if this would be enough time to leave the airport…get a bite to eat and return?

  14. Renee says:

    Hi there

    I am a New Zealander living in the USA on a student visa. I’m flying to Ibiza, Spain with an 11 hour stop over in Madrid. Anyone know if I’ll be allowed to leave the airport? I don’t need a visa to enter Spain of that makes any difference.

    • Max says:

      I have never heard of an airline ticket not permitting you to leave the transit hall. They just care to have you back for the connecting flight, and if not, you may forfeit your ticket and your checked baggage will not be placed on the connecting flight.

      If you have a New Zealand Passport and you can show your connecting ticket to the immigration officer in Madrid, and the officer thinks you have sufficient time to make your connection, they will let you into the country.

      I am Canadian, and I love exploring when I have a layover, I have only ever been asked for an ongoing ticket, most immigration officers are friendly and will even suggest ways to get places…

  15. scott illman says:

    my girlfriend is russian and we are going to mexico for holidays from the uk where she has a visa for another two years.
    we are stopping in Miami for two hours on the way there and in dallas for three hours on the way back.
    Does she need a visa??

    • mel says:

      Your russian girlfriend needs a visa to fly to Miami. Even if it is just a stop over in any US territory a visa is required.

      • Tahshah says:

        Your girlfriend does not need a US visa just to connect unless you leave the international terminal of the airport. Your gf will have to stay in the airport. Really, 2 and 3 hours of layover time is not enough to get through customs and back through security in any case. You won’t have time to explore Miami or Dallas, so don’t bother with a visa, just enjoy your vacation in Mexico.

  16. Brenda says:

    My friends and I are flying from Halifax to Amsterdam. On our return we have a stopover of 19 hours in Iceland. I thought we could leave the airport and see a bit of Iceland, but someone told my friends that we wouldn’t be able to do this. Would you be able to clarify this for me?

  17. Kristi says:

    A friend and I have a layover in Hong Kong for just over 8 hours, we are traveling from the US on our way to Malaysian Borneo. Does anyone know the requirements to leave an cruise around the city? Do we have enough time to see anything?

    • Darby says:

      I left the airport on a layover in Hong Kong, took a bus to a mall and bought a watch! I can’t remember how many hours I had….maybe 6 or so.

      • Wai says:

        That’s nice. I am wondering if I can do the same. I am flying to HK from the US via Cathay Pacific. I will then fly to Malaysia via Malaysia Airlines in the afternoon. I have about 9 hours for the layover. I am wondering if I can have my baggage checked thru the final destination in Malaysia and also leave HK airport to meet some friends in the city. In order words, can I leave my baggage (checked) at the airport while visiting the city.

        • Raquel says:

          Hi! How was Cathay Pacific? I’m considering buying a cheap ticket from them for a trip to Tokyo with a 15 hour overnight layover in Hong Kong. Should I do it?

  18. mariano says:

    soy dominicana tengo una visa de turista a alemania y tengo una escala de 8 horas en madrid queria saber si puedo salir del aereopuerto de madrid barajas a dar un paseo. gracias

  19. Marc Broudo says:

    I have a 11 hour layover in Shanghai. Do I need a visa if I leave the airport. Also, is there an airport hotel at the airport which I can stay if a visa is required and I do not obtain one?

    • Amit Talwar says:

      I am an Indian passport holder and plan to travel from India to Japan with layover at Shanghai airport for 22hrs. am travelling through China Eastern flight( New Delhi ->Shanghai -> Nagoya).I think its quiet long layover so I want to go out and explore Shanghai. Am I allowed to leave the airport? Will temporary visa be required?If yes, will it be processed at Shanghai airport or need to be applied in advance.How to apply if required in advance?

    • Tanya says:

      Hi Marc,
      You need a visa to visit China and yes there is a small rooms you can stay in at the airport in Beijing Im not sure about Shanghai but the rooms go fast.

    • Elaine says:

      I have an 8 hour layover and my Travel Agent said I would need a Visa to leave the airport – I think you must have to go through immigration. I like you would like something to do.

  20. Agnes Guzman says:

    Hello there! My ticket itinerary is from Manila to Los Angeles via Hawaiian Airlines and I have a 34-hr layover in Honolulu. Can I leave the airport and stay overnight in a hotel during the entire stopover? Do I have to bring with me my checked-in luggage? Please advice. Thank you!

    • mel says:

      34-hr is long enough to hang around the airport and for sure the airline or the immigration officers will allow you to go out from the airport of not having the risk of missing your next flight.

      I would assumed that you have a valid entry to USA so yes you can go out.

      Normally, if you are flying with the same airline or partner airlines, they have already tagged your luggage from Manila all to the way to LA.

      Therefore, you do not need to take your luggage. If this is not the case, you can deposit your luggage at the airport. They normally have deposit counter where you can leave your luggage safely.


    • Jean says:

      Hi Agnes. did they allow you to leave the airport? im also from Manila To Vegas and have a 20 hrs layover in Honolulu via hawaiian Airline with a fiancee visa. Do you bring your checked in luggage outside?

      Hope you can ans me,. Thanks in advance

      • Nino says:

        Same question! MNL-HNL-SFO. Does anybody know if they let us leave the airport? I want to see Honolulu even just for a day.

  21. Laura says:

    I’m flying from Ho Chi Minh City to London with a connecting flight in Beijing. Just wondered whether it’s possible to leave the airport, stay in Beijing for a few days and get the trans-Siberian back to Moscow? (ie, not take the connecting flight to London) It’s actually cheaper to get this flight than to get one from London – Ho Chi Minh city – Beijing.
    If I get a visa for China, would there be any problem with missing the connecting flight on purpose?

  22. Karen says:

    I am traveling to Ethiopia via Turkey, with a 2 hr layover…do I need a visa for Turkey??…I hope to check my luggage all the through.

    • Layover Guide Staff says:

      With 2 hours you won’t be leaving the airport, so you wouldn’t need a visa. But for anyone with visa questions about entering a country, check our via requirements widget on the right hand side of the page.

      • Linda says:

        My hubby will have a 10 hr layover in Turkey before going on to Amman. Is this enough time to go out and see some of the sites?


  23. rayana says:

    i am traveling from bombay to boston via zurich?? i have an 11 hours layover at zurich. i have a us visa but dont have time to apply for a swiss visa. canm i go out of the airport at zurich??? if so, how???
    i am an indian national

    • Max says:

      Hi Rayana,

      I think you are out of luck, you would need a visa to enter Switzerland if you are travelling on an Indian passport. THe one exception would be if you happen to hold a resident permit for one of the other EU or EFTA countries,,,

  24. Max says:

    The UK is a country participating in the US Visa Waiver program so you also need an ESTA (Electronic System Travel Authorization) number that must be apply for BEFORE you leave the UK.

    You get it here https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/ and it is usually good for 2 years.

  25. Dawn says:

    I am a US citizen with a US passport going to Australia through China with an 18 hour layover. Can I leave the airport to explore the city and get a hotel room?

  26. kity says:

    I have an 8 hour layout in portugal. (from us to spain) Is there any point in trying to leave the airport and trying to see some of the area ?

  27. Gabby says:

    I have a 6-hour layover in Helsinki and I was wondering if it’s a small enough airport for me to leave and do a whirlwind tour of the city. My connecting flight is to Brussels, all on FinnAir.

    Any advice?

    • Max says:

      If you are legally allowed into Finland you may enter, I assume you are based on your question, however, bear in mind that you do need about 90 mins for security and so on, assuming you have checked your bags thru so you do not need to deal with checking bags on your return.

      A bus to the city takes about 30 – 40 mins, I think, so you have say 80 mins travelling and i don’t know how often the busses leave the airport, so it is a bit tight for a tour, but certainly enough time to go walkabout and grab a meal…

  28. Ken says:

    Hi, I m having a long layover in Brussels and another next month in Zurich. I am travelling on a Cameroon passport as a permanent resident of the UK. Will I be allowed to leave the airport for fresh air and a bite without a Schengen visa? Thanks

  29. Nikki says:

    Family of 4 travelling to Melbourne, with layover in Singapore. Want to leave airport, would we be allowed. We have uk passports.

  30. Connor says:

    I am a US citizen flying from Dubai to Egypt. I have a layover in Bahrain and want to know if I can leave the airport to explore for a bit then head back. is that allowed?

    • mel says:

      Yes you can. As a US passport holder, you are allowed to get a visa on arrival at the airport for a fee. Not sure how much but I think it is not worth for few hours of stay.

  31. Rikard says:

    Hi I am travelling to the states this summer and want to extend my layover in Newark to around 7-9 hour so I can meet a friend in NYC. I have a valid Green Card and travel with a Swedish/Euro passport. My flight finishes in Atlanta so I will not be leaving america after i pass immigration in Newark. Will I be okay to leave Newark? And what would happen to my checked luggage during my layover?

    • Rikard says:

      This would be with a United Airlines flight.

      • Max says:

        That would be fine to leave the airport, however, remember when entering the USA you need to collect all your bags at the point of arrival, clear customs and then drop them on the flight connections belt if they are checked through to a further destination.

        If I recall correctly, United have a connections belt just outside customs at Newark, and they will scan you luggage tag there and put it on the belt, without too much delay.

        • Rikard says:

          Thanks for the help Max! I remember having to re-check my bags at some US airports in the past. So I can do that then leave and not have to carry my check-in luggage around NYC 😀

  32. Mena says:

    I am an egyption citizen who studies at Montreal, Canada. I will be having a connective flight at Heathrow airport for 12 hrs and i really wanted to see my best friend during that time…also how do i know if my ticket allows me to go out or not! Thank you

  33. Max says:

    No you will not be able to leave the Airport in the United Kingdom unless you also hold a UK Visa. Egyptian citizens are considered so called “Visa Nationals” in the UK and require a tourist visa for entry as you suggest.

    Refer to: http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/visas-immigration/visiting/general/visa/#

  34. REXIE says:


    • Max says:

      Yes. She does need to clear immigration, and drop her bags on the connections belt before meeting you guys.

  35. Simon Milham says:

    I have a 10-hour stopover in Las Vegas.
    I am a British passport holder who will be returning to the UK from Hawaii.
    Can I leave Las Vegas airport for a few hours?
    Many thanks – love this website.

    • Max says:

      Sure… especially since the flight from Hawaii to Las Vegas is a domestic one and you are therefore already admitted to the US.

      I would suggest that you check your bags through to your final destination in Hawaii so you do not need to deal with that on your return to the airport.

      There are lots of shuttles from the airport to the strip.

      • Simon Milham says:

        That is really helpful. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply. Now all I need to do is to marry off my daughter to an American guy while we’re there!
        Bless you.

  36. Jo says:

    Hi I am travelling from Manchester to Vegas via washington dulles on saturday. I have a 5 hour layover, can i leave the airport? I am travelling with United and have a valid esta?


    • Max says:

      Yes, technically you can, but 5 hours is not a long time in DC, unless you are just thinking of walking around in fresh air. Dulles is a big airport, and it is about 30 miles from things like the Washington Memorial if thats what you were thinking of visiting.

      Immigration in Dulles can take ages too especially if you have a bunch of large aircraft arriving at the same time.

  37. Hala says:

    Hello, I’m traveling to Cairo from Italy, I leave from Florence to Rome, then have a transit for 10 hours ( Alitalia airlines), before taking my second plane to Cairo from Rome.
    I have a valid 6 months multiple entry visa, can I Leave the airport at Rome, then return before my flight at night?
    I’m an Egyptian citizen if it makes a difference.
    Thanks for you help!

    • Max says:

      Assuming by valid 6-month multiple entry you mean a Shengen visa, if that is the case, you will be able to leave the airport, you will probably need to show your onward boarding pass/ticket as well as a bagage receipt showing bagage checked through.

  38. Rajiv says:


    I am an Indian national with a US visa traveling from Boston to Delhi with a 14 hours layover at Heathrow? IS there any possibility of getting a 24 hour landslide transit visa on arrival?

  39. Erzsibet says:

    My fiance is going to have a layover from Paris to Istanbul. The lay over is over 24 hours and wondering if there is a hotel he can stay without having to get a visa. He is from Turkiye

  40. Maurice says:

    Hi I’m US citizen and I have a layover at Dallas/ft. worth then going to Chicago, I’m wondering if I can leave the airport to look around I’m flying with American Airlines I don’t if I could

    • Max says:

      Of course you can as a US Citizen on a domestic flight… however, you should check your bags thru and make sure you have enough time, I would not bother if you have less than 3 hours. More if you plan on going somewhere other than wondering around in the immediate vicinity of the airport…

      • Max says:

        Also a good idea to have the boarding pass for your connection in hand, as that saves you having to go to the airline desk in DFW

        • Maurice says:

          Well it is a 7 hour layover and the flight departs from Leon, Mexico but thank you it is just that I didn’t know if I had to wait on a room the whole time, and other question is do American Airlines give you your luggage or does it have to stay at the airport?

          • Max says:

            Well, it’t a bit more complicated, given your inbound is from an international location, so on arrival in DFW you would need to clear immigration into the USA, no problem if you are a US Citizen, but there are VERY LONG lineups at DFW from time to time, so unless you are a GOES member you could wait for a while, then you MUST collect your bags from the Mexico flight, and you should recheck them at the connections belt with AA directly after you clear customs, or if you do not hold a boarding pass for your Chicago flight, you need to get that from the AA connections desk.

            Only after having done all of that, can you leave the airport. I would check with the AA folks how much time you would need to clear security when you return for your onward flight, they usually have a good idea, and then work all that into your planning.

  41. Andrew says:

    Does anyone have any experience with Cairo Airport. I have a flight from London to Johannesburg and booked it with an 18 hour layover with the hope that I can explore Cairo for the day. I have read conflicting reports about the ability to leave luggage at the airport rather than lugging it to the pyramids 😉
    Any insight would be appreciated!

    • Hala says:

      Hi Andrew,

      I’m from Cairo and I can advice this:
      1- Don’t move around with any luggage, its too difficult, doesn’t your airline take it to Johannesburg for you? most airlines that connects at any airport takes it from the departure to arrival point, so check if they will do that, otherwise, look for any hotel where you can leave it at till you’re finished.
      Another thing, Cairo is so so huge and really crowded, the airport is at the north and the pyramids the south, so reallt the complete 2 ends of Cairo, depending on the time you arrive the traffic could be between bad to unbearable, after the pyramids go to khan elkhalili and visit the area there, then it should be easy to go to the airport from this place ( between 30 minutes to an hour and half depending on the time).
      last but not least, if you don’t have your boarding pass from London ( the second plane I mean), you MUST go there at least 2 to 3 hours earlier, an hour will not be enough to get you through fast enough to reach the plane ( my friend missed her flight because of that), and I almost lost mine once due to the same reason.
      Good luck and hope you enjoy it here!
      P.S, we have regular “”Friday protests”now, so keep that in mind, as there will be some places you can’t reach, and other places you will need to go around.

      • Andrew says:

        Thanks for the unbelievably quick and comprehensive response. Greatly appreciated.
        I will check with Egypt Air but was under the impression that if the layover is too long that they require that it be picked-up but hopefully I’m wrong as that would solve all of my problems, at least as it relates to baggage.
        Thanks for the other insight as well. The flight gets in at around 5am and leaves at 11:30pm and it is on Sunday the 23rd of December so I’m hoping to avoid significant traffic but will certainly take all of your advice to heart.
        Thanks again.

        • Hala says:

          You’re more than welcome, the arrival and departure times are actually very good, so you shouldn’t get stock in traffic, also Sunday is usually bit quick as many shops close.
          Most public places open from 8 or 9 am, so I suggest going near the pyramids, enjoy some nice breakfast, then start the fun!
          Best of luck.

          • Lynne says:

            Dear Hala

            I was wondering if it’s possible to give me further advice to what you have already given to Andrew. I will have a 10.5 hour layover in Cairo (from Paris to Johannesburg) and would love to a glimpse into your interesting city (incl. seeing the pyramids!). So first of all do you think that would be sufficient time to leave, visit and come back to the airport on time? (Arriving 05:45, departing 16:15 on a Sunday) I have found a “Cairo Stopover Transit Tour from Cairo Airport” saying they would adjust the tour to my flight times, but I’m still scared to miss my second flight!
            The second thing is I read contrasting information on whether I would need a prearranged visa (I am South African) – some websites say if it’s less than 24 hours then no, others yes if it’s outside the South Sinai area I would need one (does Cairo and the pyramids fall under the Sinai area?)
            And lastly, if the fare conditions state no stopovers allowed – does that mean I’m not allowed to leave the airport during my layover? I would appreciate it greatly if you could answer any of the above questions!

            Thanks, Lynne

  42. kris says:

    what about if i have 6hours stop over in singapore, can i get out of the airport? atleast just outside to meet my friends? im flying from greece to singapore and singapore to philippines. im holding a philippine passport but has a schengen visa.

    • Max says:

      Citizens of the Philippines with valid Philippine passports do not need visa’s to visit singapore for tourist purposes. You may therefore leave the airport, and enter Singapore. 6 hours is quite short, so you really do not want to go far from the airport, and of course make sure that you check your bags through to their final destination when you check in for your flights in Greece.

      Bear in mind that Singapore immigration officers may want to see your boarding pass for your onward flight, so you must make sure you have that before trying to enter Singapore.

  43. Anna says:

    I’m Canadian and will be traveling to Warsaw (Delta) with 2 connections: Boston and Paris… The connection in Boston is over-10-hours and I was thinking of exploring the city… I don’t think there should be a problem with exiting and re-entering the airport… but will I have to pick up and re-check my baggage in Boston or can the baggage be checked in all the way to Poland (next day arrival)?

    • Max says:

      Hi Anna,

      I am also Canadian, and I do that a lot when connecting in the USA. If you are flying from a LARGE city in the Canada (Vancouver, Toronto etc.) with a US connection you generally clear US customs IN CANADA. THat makes the flight to the US a domestic one, and your plane would arrive at a domestic terminal in the USA with no customs or immigration.

      Unless you are changing airlines that do not have an interline agreement in Boston, then you may be able to check your bags through, and you would not need to collect them in boston. You would need to call your airline and check with them though.

      If you are flying from a smaller airport in Canada (say like London Ontario) you need to clear customs in the USA and in this case you would need to collect your bags in Boston and put them on the connections belt – again assuming interline airlines and one ticket.


  44. rupinder says:

    i am an indian citizen having schenegen visa issued by netherland embassy.during my outbound austrian airline flight from delhi to amsterdam , i have a layover of 9 hrs at vienna..can i go out of airport and take a short city tour during that time…

    • mel says:

      Logically, you can. The provision in the shengen visa is that you should get the visa from the Shengen territory with your longest stay. In this case, I would assumed that your longest stay will be Netherlands.

      Therefore, this means you can enter Austria even with with a visa issued by Netherlands.

      Hope this helps.

  45. Janel says:

    hello! I’m a Singaporean passport holder on an Australian student visa. I have a China Southern airlines flight from London to Perth, with a 15-hour layover in France. Am i allowed to leave the airport during that time? I don’t mind collecting my luggage and checking it in again, because I know that will be the case. I want to see the Eiffel tower. Can someone help me?

  46. Taufique says:

    Hi,I am a Bangladeshi citizen with a 6 month multiple entry visa for the uk. I am going to Newcastle via London and have 6 hour layover in the middle. Am I allowed to leave the airport for a few hours and return.


  47. Anna says:

    Hi, I am a from Philippines. I have 7hrs layover time in Singapore. Dubai – SG – SG-Philippines. Do i have to book for a hotel for one night for immigration purposes?

    • mel says:

      Your question is not clear. What is the relationship between hotel booking and immigration?

      If you wanted to stay in a hotel to rest during the 7hrs layover of course of you have to go out from the airport. Going out from the airport, you will pass through immigration. For Philippine passport holder, you do not need a visa to enter Singapore as part of the ASEAN countries. You are allowed to stay for 15 days I think like Hongkong.

  48. Vic says:

    Hi, We have relatives migrating to Saskatchewan and flying via Vancouver. During their layover in YVR, can they come out to the public area of the airport to meet us and hand over presents from home? Or, is there a way for them to send/ship the items from within Vancouver airport? TIA


  49. Sonakshi says:


    I am travelling to London from New Delhi via Muscat. Halt in Muscat is for 13 hours. Do I need a Visa to go out of the airport during the layover. If yes, is there any possibility of Visa on Arrival or do I have to arrange it before I reach Muscat?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Much Thanks.


    • mel says:

      Your country is not included in visa on arrival list of Oman. Therefore, if you wanted to go out from the airport you need a visa and you should arrange this before you travel. You have to apply to the nearest Omani embassy/consulate from your place.

  50. Christina Gilpin says:

    I’m traveling with USA thankfully dont need 1 but most wouldnt think you would leave airport on a 3hr layover but its gonna be in the same town as my mom who lives 10 minutes from airport so want to stop by.

  51. Max says:

    Hey! I’ll be having a 10-hour layover in Malaysia from London to the Philippines via Malaysia Airlines. I know I won’t be needing a visa to enter Malaysia but I’ve read and heard stories of Malaysian Immigration officers limiting people with Philippine passport and was wondering if this could cause me delays if I enter Malaysia as I am a PI passport holder. Any thoughts?

  52. Tanya says:

    Im going to Ireland and have a 6-8 hr layover in london. Im a USA citizen can I leave the airport to see london and grab something to eat there? and what should I do with my luggage? thanks.

  53. Ilse Gerrits says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    I will be having a 6h layover in Dubai from my flight from Amsterdam to Hyderabad. I am a dutch citizen. Will I be able to leave the airport for this time?

    Thanks in advance! Ilse Gerrits

    • mel says:

      Yes you can leave the airport. But six hours seem to be short for the hassle of going in and out of immigration check point. Also, you need to pay for your visa at the immigration desk which is I think not worth for few hours of stop over. I would say better to stay inside the airport.

  54. Phillip says:

    I have a 6hr layover in brussels travelling from canada to london. is that enough time to leave and see some of the city?

  55. Tracyc says:

    US passport holder–traveling to India, with short layovers in Dubai (going) and Amman (return). I won’t be leaving the airport…I don’t need a UAE or Jordanian visa just to change planes, right?

    Thanks for the info! 🙂

  56. johnny says:

    Traveling to Thailand, have a 8 HR layover in Moscow, can I exit airport and return to the airport without a visa? I Do hold a US citizenship.

    Thx for ur response

  57. Tanya says:

    Hi Johnny,
    All USA citizens going to Russia requrie a visa so no I dont think you can leave moscow airport during your layover.

  58. Alan says:

    We have a layover for 6 hours in Hawaii (en route to New York from Sydney) our luggage will be checked through to NY. Can we leave the airport for a couple of hours, we have our ESTA. If we checked in through Immigration in Hawaii would we have to do it again in NY.

  59. Lauren says:

    My friend is flying in from seattle and has a layover (4 hours) at JFK , el route to London. Is she permitted to leave the airport on the layover to hang out for a bit? Also how much time would she need once going back into JFK to pass through customs. Thank you!!

  60. Arpit says:

    Hi ,
    My family will be traveling from india for los angeles .
    – They are Indian citizen
    – They have valid US VISA
    – They have valid UK 6 months visitor VISA
    – They have 21 hours layover at london (LHR)
    – They will be flying in Virgin Atlantic
    Is it possible to come out of the airport for few hours and go back to catch next flight for LA ? They have UK visitor VISA . And they are traveling for first time at both the places (UK,USA). If they can come out , do they need to take their luggage with them ?

    Please advise , appreciate your help !


    • Max says:

      Hi Arpit,

      Technically, with the situation you have described your family would be allowed into the United Kingdom on the layover.

      With a 21 hour layover, you would need to check with the airline, as your connection has to be less than a certain amount of time in order to allow bags to be checked through to your final destination.

      If they have never entered the UK before, I would strongly suggest that they check their bags through to LA (if the airline will alow) and that they first visit the connections desk of the airline in the secure area in Heathrow BEFORE trying to clear immigration in Heathrow to obtain their LA boarding passes, as the UK Border Agent will without a doubt want to see it as well as their baggage receipt to prove that there is luggage going on to their final destination.

      It is quite possible, that they will be denied entry to the UK, even with a visa, if they do not have this physically on them when they present themselves to the UK Border agent, and being denied will cause major challenges for their future travel plans, not only to the UK but to other countries, including trying to enter the USA in LA.

      The reason for this is that when you have such a long layover, and no address in the UK (such as a hotel), and there are no prior UK entry stamps in your passport, the Border Agents tend to take a more stringent approach to a visa national.

      By taking those simple steps, they should be allowed to enter the UK, and enjoy some time in London before their onward flight to LA.

      Take care,


      • Arpit says:

        Thank You Max for your response .
        I will tell them to check their luggage that way so they can get it at LA and will tell them to get LA’s boarding passes .

        Thanks again .

  61. Preethi says:

    I’m an Indian citizen. After a 5 year stint in Munich, Germany, we returned to India last year. Now, I’m traveling to the US for a short trip and have a 5 hour layover in Frankfurt. My schengen visa expiry date is Dec 20th 2012. My question is can I get out of the airport to meet friends in Frankfurt during my layover or can my friends come to meet me at the airport? Will be obliged to get a reply! Thanks, Preethi

    • Max says:

      Sure you can — if you have a valid Shengen, the usual advice applies, check your bags through to your final destination and be in possession of your onward boarding pass to show to the Immigration officer in Frankfurt.

  62. aida ochoa says:

    My 16 yr old daughter, a Mexican national, has a 5 hr lay over at Schiphol, can she leave the airport to take a 2 hr tour to the city? Mexican nationals are not require of a visa for the Schengen countries. She is flying KLM, does she need to reclaim her luggage at Schiphol to continue her flight to NYC, Thanks for any help!

  63. Cara says:

    I am flying from Manchester to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I have a layover in Washington, DC. I have a US passport. Possible to leave the airport during the layover? Will I have to go through customs since i am a US resident?

    • Max says:

      Sure you can, make sure you have enough time though… and yes, you do actually have to go through immigration and customs, even if you are a US Citizen… Immigration is to determine your status (citizen, resident or alien) and grant you access based on that (as a US Citizen there is no issue with access), and customs is to deal with stuff you bring with you…

      Whenever you enter the USA you need to clear customs with your luggage at your point of entry, even if you connect through to a destination outside of the USA afterward.

      You will therefore need to get your bags off the belt, wander through the green or red lane as appropriate and drop your bag at your airlines connections belt (depending who you are flying with – usually just outside customs).

  64. Jennifer says:

    My daughter is traveling home from Ireland and has a 16 hour layover in Paris prior to the final destination in the US. She is trying to decide if her checked bags will make it all of the to the US or if they will be unloaded in Paris. They are trying to get out to sight see in Paris asap and don’t want to have to wait for bags and/or lug their bags all around Paris. Any ideas?

    • Max says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      You don’t provide information on the airlines she is flying on, so I can only answer your question in generic terms.

      I am assuming she is flying with Air France the whole way. If so, she should be able to check through her bags, as the total time from checking to departure in Paris is less than 24 hours and it is within one airline.

      If however, she is taking a different airline (Aer Lingus etc.) to Paris and connecting to an AF flight, she would have a potential problem checking through her bags as there is probably not an interline agreement between the two airlines.

      Fortunately, CDG is an Air France hub, so even if she cannot check her bags through, she can pass through immigration into France, collect her bags on the belt, and proceed right away to the checkin counters at CDG for AF and check in, drop her bags on the belt and get a boarding pass, leaving her free to visit the city without her bags.

      I would suggest that if she intends to do this, she call Air France, or whomever she is flying with, and check how far ahead of the departure time they will accept bags.

      I fly BA a lot, and they have on occasion told me they will not take my bags until 4 hours prior to departure from Vancouver in Canada. This usually does not apply at an airlines hub, but you should check.



    Alguien me podría decir si un ciudadano egipcio puede volar a Cánada en tránsito para conectar su vuelo y llegar a México, sin visa? Tendría problemas?

  66. Suzanne says:

    Hi folks,

    Great website… flying from Dublin Ireland to Tokyo with Etihad and have an 18 hour stopover in Abu Dhabi. Anyone been to that airport or know if it’s possible to leave? I assume from experience that as its the same airline throughout they will look after my bags?
    Cheers 🙂

  67. Matt says:

    US Citizens flying to Bangkok via VIE from BOS then IAD. We have a 14 hour layover in VIE and were wondering if a) we would need to collect our bags (we are flying United BOS-IAD then Austrian IAD-VIE-BKK) and b) if we are allowed to leave the airport (seems like we should not have an issue)

    Similarly we are flying from Singapore via Frankfurt to Boston with a 6 hour layover. Are we free to leave here too?

  68. Priyank Shandilya says:


    I am an Indian Citizen travelling to Canada on a Canadian Student Visa(Category- SW1)from New Delhi via London Heathrow (LHR) Airport. The connection time @ LHR is 14 hours, is it possible to get a 24 hours visa at the LHR Airport for some sleep at a nearby hotel in London prior to boarding the final flight to Canada.

  69. Tyler Clayton says:

    I am flying from LAX to Florence, Italy, and I will be having a 10 hour layover in Amsterdam. I have my US passport book, and I was wondering two things:
    1) Do I have to have special permission to leave Amsterdam airport and see the city? Or will my passport give me access to do this?

    2) Do I need to check to make sure my luggage will make it to Florence while I am at the Amsterdam airport? It’s switching airlines and this is why I ask.

  70. Brie says:

    I am an US citizen traveling with US passport from rome to zurich. I have a 20 hour layover. Am I able to leave the airport?

  71. Jackie says:

    I am flying into San Francisco Airport SFO soon and will have a 6 hour layover until I head off to Alaska. Does anyone have any experiece with dealing with San Francisco traffic and the airport? I am trying to decide if it would be worth leaving the airport for a little while to explore or if I am better off staying at SFO.

    • Annie Kirk says:

      Hallo Jackie… We have a layover in SFO just coming up, also with about 6 usable hours. Did you manage to visit San Fran in just the shortish time you had, and did it work out or was it too much hassle, timewise?

  72. Deb says:

    I am traveling to south Korea from Australia (on an australian passport) with about an 11 hour stopover in Osaka Japan, do I need a visa to leave the airport?

  73. FJ Engine says:

    I have a single booking from Frankfurt to Manila with a 10-hour layover at Hong Kong. Franfurt to Hong Kong via Lufthansa while Hong Kong to Manila via PAL. Will I be allowed to leave HK airport during this layover? Will my baggage be checked-in straight to its final destination, Manila? Or I can still have it checked out at HK during layover and then check in it again? My worry is that my baggage when checked in through its final destination might get lost because of long stopover.

  74. Charles says:

    I am traveling from Nassau Bahamas to JFK Newyork and have a 7 hour layover in Ft. Lauderdale i have a u.s visa and wants to know if i can leave the airport for a hour to do a little shopping?

  75. Sherif says:


    I am an Egyptian travelling to Canada I have a 4 hrs layover in Heathrow airport do I need a visa to get to Heathrow airport? and do I need a visa to go out see London?

    • Max says:

      Yes, Egyptians are Visa nationals…

      UK Visa’s are very expensive and 4 hours is too short really to visit London, so rather see if you can buy access to your airlines business class lounge in Heathrow, have a shower and eat something…

  76. Michelle says:

    I am a US citizen flying to Israel. I have a 7 hour layover at Heathrow and want to make sure I’m cool to go into the city and that I would have enough time to do so. My airlines is British Airways. How much time should I allow to get though customs, etc and then get back though security on the way back?

    • Max says:

      Hi Michelle,

      7 hours can be enough at Heathrow, provided you are prepared to spring the 34 pounds for the Heathrow Express to take you into London and back. If you take the underground, you will spend most of your layover on the train.

      Immigration lines at Heathrow is a crap-shoot. It is pretty much the busiest airport in the world (think Atlanta) and for some reason often the number of immigration officers on duty seems inversely proportional to the number of people waiting in line. I have stood there for an hour and a half while they only had 3 officers on duty, and other times there will be almost no line and 10 officers on duty.

      Ask the immigration officer how much time you should allow to get your outbound flight, once you explain what you want to do in London, they are friendly and usually are happy to give you an estimate and I find their estimates are pretty accurate.

      If you have your bags checked thru to your final destination, then you wont have to wait and store them.

      Heathrow Express tickets are sold by vendors wearing blue uniforms carrying portable terminals, usually right at the exit from the secure area, if you miss one, follow the signs to the Heathrow express where they have automatic vending machines. Your US VISA/MasterCard/Amex will work for most of the machines, except the cash only ones.

      I also suggest that you buy an off-peak travel card, in addition to the express ticket – about 8 or 9 pounds. That gives you complete flexibility to use all the bus and train service for a full day after I think 9 am in the morning, as and when you choose all for one flat fee. Very useful if you are trying to make your way to various points in the city to catch up with certain must see places.

      Black Cabs, although convenient are super pricey.

      Hope that helps a bit, and enjoy

    • Dana says:

      We used London Magical Tours http://www.londonmagicaltours.com last week on our layover at Heathrow thanks to the recommendations on this site, I couldnt recommend it enough, the service direct to our terminals at the airport was so convinient! We also only had 7 hours and were worried about our outbound flight but it worked out AMAZING, could never have seen so much. My boyfriend said he took the express train on a layover in London last year but that leaves you to the north of london (paddington?) and from there he still had to take a connection on the subway to get the famous sights.

      We did the half day tour with transfers and got back with about 2 hours before the flight out which was plenty. We covered so much of London in the time, loved the personal experience and seeing London with an expert means you learn so much, well worth the investment.

      If you can, the best tip at heathrow is to check in online for the flight in advance and have your boarding pass printed, our bags were sent direct from the US to Rome on this trip so we just had to go through security which was super quick at the British airways terminal. Hope this helps others!

  77. hamada says:

    hi i am holding egyptian passport , and residency of canada. i am travelling with turkish airlines to usa ( i have visa for usa )i have a layover in istanbul for 18 hours. Can i go out of the airport without turkish visa

  78. Nico says:

    Hi, I’m a Dutch citizen traveling to Fairbanks, Alaska. On my way back to Amsterdam I have a 7,5 hour layover in Seattle. Can I leave the airport for a few hours to do some sightseeing? I have valid esta.

    Many thanks

  79. Mary says:

    I have a 8 hr layover in heathrow airport on 20aug. Would it be a good idea to visit London. Any ideas for must-dos?

  80. Ron says:

    Canadian couple flying to Italy (Air France) with a 12 hour layover in Paris. If we can leave the transit area,approximately how long will it take us both to get through customs and immigration at Charles De Gaulle?


  81. Ludka says:

    Hi! I am a Belarusian citizen and I’m flying from Canada to Russia with finnair and have a 10 hr layover in Helsinki. do I need a visa to leave the airport for a few hours? Thank you

  82. ganaya says:

    Hi! I am an American citizen flying from Baghdad to Washington D.C. I am on 2 different airlines – one from Baghdad to Beirut and another from Beirut to Frankfurt to Washington. I have extra bags and extra weight. I have 24 hour layover in Beirut and 17 hour layover in Frankfurt. Will I be able to get my bags if checked all the way through (need some extra space for random gifts from both countries)?

    Also, will I have to pay extra weight (Baghdad to Beirut)/extra weight (Beirut to Washington D.C) fees for both airlines, or only the transatlantic airline?


  83. Cookie says:

    I’m an American citizen, flying AA. I have a layover at LHR on December 24 from USA to Dubai. Arriving LHR 6:50am, departing 8:35pm. My bags are checked through.

    I’d assume I could leave the airport and hopefully customs won’t be too big of an issue. Can you enlighten me please.

  84. Cookie says:

    max, i’m sorry, I didn’t see the q/a from/to michelle. it pretty much answers my question. except i’m wondering how much the date (christmas eve, will have on travel and a time in the city.)

  85. tara says:

    Hi I am a Canadian flying to san Francisco, I depart from London, Ontario with a lay over in Toronto, Ontario then straight through to San Francisco. Where will I be going through customs?

    • Max says:

      Hi Tara,

      I also live in London ON 🙂

      Connecting to the USA through Pearson you pass through US Immigration in Pearson before you leave…

      Passport or Nexus is required and you don’t need to collect your bags in Toronto.


  86. Arghya says:

    I’m Indian citizen. I’m going to attend conference in Lisbon. I’ve valid short term single entry schengen visa. During my return I’ve 20 hours layover in Zurich. Can I go out of the airport in Zurich? Where do I need to go through passport control in Lisbon or in Zurich?

  87. Jamesa says:

    Hi! I’m an American student studying abroad in Germany in a few weeks. I will be leaving from Atlanta travelling to Stuttgart with a layover at London Heathrow. When applying for a passport do I need to also say I am travelling to the UK since I have a layover there? And also, if I do not have a visa (not even a German one, Schengen Area), can I leave the airport in London and explore a bit?

    And one last question, can I travel between countries in the Schengen Area without a visa and only a U.S. passport valid for air travel directly to Germany?

    • Max says:

      When you apply for a US passport you generally do not need to tell them where you are going, in fact, I don’t even think the passport application form asks for that. Check the State Department Website for more information on the process and how soon you need to apply.

      Regarding your other questions, as a US citizen travelling on a US passport you ordinarily do not need a visa for either the EU or the UK, as a tourist, however, you said that you are going to Germany to study — in which case you would need a student visa for Germany.

      As for crossing land borders in the EU, there are no more border posts, so it is the same as crossing a state-line in the US, you may rarely be stopped, but a valid passport is all you need.

      You should check with the institution you are studying with, they will generally have all the information you need to find out what visas if any you would need for Germany.

      • Jamesa says:

        But I am just doing an exchange program until December 22. Do I still need a visa then?

        • Max says:

          In my experience you probably do, however, you should check with the institution, you are doing the exchange with and the German Consulate in the USA, rather than this forum.

          With this kind of thing, if you enter Germany without a VISA and you do in fact need one, you can create a problem for yourself well into the future, that will compromise you ability to enter many countries without a visa (remember a US Passport gives you visa free tourist travel to many places, and being denied at one will cause many countries to potentially revoke your visa waiver and require you to obtain a visa).

          It is not worth taking a chance… checking with the institution you are doing the exchange with and the German Consulate is simple, and will prevent you making a costly mistake.

  88. Ursula says:

    hey, im australia, getting a flight from cancun to paris. there i will be getting a return flight from paris to sydney, planning on returning to paris in a few months. are there any visas i need on my way to australia? i do not plan to stay very long in paris, just enough time for my next flight.

    • Max says:

      Hi Ursuala,

      If you are travelling on an Australian passport, you do not need a visa to enter one of the Shengen nations for the purposes of tourism. You should however keep proof of your onward ticket to Sydney with you so you can show the French immigration officer if he asks.


  89. boisterousbob says:

    I don’t think this advice is valid.

    I don’t think the airline cares in the least whether you left the airport or not.

    Even if they did care, once you have a boarding pass for your second flight (obtained on landing at JFK) I can guarantee you that the airline has absolutely no way of knowing whether you left the airport or not.

  90. IndianinFremont says:


    We (My husband and I) are Indian citizens with valid US work Visa. We plan on travelling to Mumbai(India) from San Fransisco(US) via Singapore by Singapore Airlines. We have a 8.5 hours layover at Singapore during the day. Is it possible to take the free sight-seeing tour provided by the Changi Airport without going through the hassle of getting a Singapore Visa?

  91. Sam says:

    i have a layover in ICN airport for 24 hours before my next connecting flight, and i am from Singapore. Can I exit the transit area and re-check in through the custom for the next day?

  92. Ronnie says:

    Hello, I am American living in FRance under a French Student Visa. And I’m traveling to South Korea with a 15 hour layover in Shanghai Pu Dong Airport….Wanted to Know if I needed a VISA to leave the airport at Shanghai for the day and just come back???


  93. Bally says:

    Hi Max and all!!

    I am an Indian national and holding valid Canadian permanent residency. I will be returning back to Canada via Cathey Pacific flight as my connecting flight from NewDelhi-HongKong-Toronto with almost 10 hours layover at HongKong airport. Is it possible that instead of waiting inside transit area’s in airport I can go Outside airport to meet and spend few time with my relatives in Hong Kong and then come back to airport with in time?? Will the airlines or Immigration allow me that? Few years back I had also traveled to HongKong independently. So what do you think?? Thanks..

  94. Julie says:


    I am a U.S. Citizen traveling to Seoul with a layover in Moscow. I will also be traveling to Thailand with a layover in China. Will I be able to leave either airport?

  95. ronald brown says:

    hello my name is ron brown. my wife is going to the USA for naturalization requirements.
    we are traveling with three boys 4,6,and 9.
    we have a china southern layover in Guangzhou. we arrive from Manila at 10pm, we really need some assistance to a overnight stay. God Bless

  96. Nidhi says:

    I have an Indian Passport and US Green Card. I have a few hours layover at Heathrow Airport on my way to and back from India. I read that I do not need an airside Visa due to that, but am not allowed to get out of the terminal either. However, if I want to meet some friends in London, can I call them to the airport and meet them there? Where are we both allowed to be?

    • Max says:

      Hi Nidhi,

      You will not be able to enter the UK without a valid UK visa, and your friends will not be able to enter the secure area unless they are flying somewhere from the same terminal, so I am afraid you will probably not be able to meet…

  97. Aubs322 says:

    Hi there,
    US citizen traveling to Cork, Ireland. My flight options are either a layover in Heathrow for 7 hours or Paris for 6.5.

    Do I have enough time to leave either of these airports? If so any suggestions for a quick visit?

    This is my first time travelling internationally so ANY tips at all would be appreciated (like how do I have my luggage connect through, do I need a visa in UK or Paris, what to expect in customs)

    Thank you in advance!!

    • Max says:

      I cannot really comment on Paris, as I havent connected through there in a while, however, I frequently have a 7 hour plus connection in Heathrow, and I usually do head into the city, to grab some lunch at a pub and do some general sight-seeing, but you MUST take the Heathrow express if you do that, which is pretty pricey, it has just gone up in price again and is now 34 pounds return — thats over $50. If you take the underground you will just make it to the city, spend about an hour there and have to turn around again.

      One the way back, you need to allow about 90 minutes before your flight to get through airport security, however, do check with the immigration officer when you enter the country, I find they usually know if there is any delays getting back into the airport and can give you a good estimate. They are usually quite helpful.

      The usual rules apply though, make sure you have your onward board pass in your hands BEFORE you leave the airport, and have a copy of your ticket showing your onward connection to Ireland before you try and enter the country.

    • Max says:

      Oh, regarding your visa question — US Citizens travelling on US Passports do not need a visa for tourist purposes for either the UK or the Shengen states (which includes France). Ireland is not part of the Shengen states although it is in the EU, but you do not need a visa for Ireland for tourist purposes for up to 90 days.

      Just be sure your passport validity is at least 6 months or so and you have some open pages for stamps.

  98. U D says:

    I am an Indian citizen with Indian passport. I Have a valid US H1B visa expiring in 2014. I am planning to travel to Indian through virgin atlantic and on the route from USA to India will have a 10 hr stop over at Heathrow.My luggage will mostly be checked upto India. Firstly I would like to know if I need the airside transit visa if I just stay on airport. There is 1 travel agent whom I contacted for tickets who insists that with more than 7 hours stayover airside visa is required, but I know of some people in similar situation as me did not need transit visa at LHR.
    Secondly if I plan to leave airport, how will that work. Will really appreciate a reply.

    Thank you.

  99. a says:

    hi i have a filipino passport and needs to travel from hethrow airport terminal three to terminal five. will only be staying there for two hours. do i needs a landside visa for this?

    • Max says:

      According to the UKBA website you do not need a transit visa for an airside transfer (they operate an airside bus service between the terminals) for a layover of 24 hours or less, subject to you holding a valid onward ticket and a valid entry visa or passport for the country you are connecting too.

      Refer to the UKBA website on airside transit visas.

  100. Sunder Pandey says:

    Hi I am an US citizen travelling to Nepal from US via Delhi I have a 10 hours transit at airport. I do not want to go out from airport. just for waiting 10 hours at Delhi airport do I need a Indian visa?. as I said my final destination is Nepal. I do not out from the airport. I heard a lot that even transit staying at airport need a transit visa. I asked with Indian embassy in US they said that need a visa. If I need a Indian visa I do not want to travel via Delhi it is not worth. Do you have any suggestion? it would be highly appreciated.

    • Max says:

      YOu do not need a transit visa if you are staying airside in Delhi airport in the INTERNATIONAL terminal.

      You can find out more information on VFS Website (the guys the Indian government outsource their visas too)

  101. tina says:

    hi im a phillipine passport holder.. im going to casa balanca.. my itenirary is.. hongkong-london-paris-casa blanca.. do i need transit visa in london and paris even if it will take less than 24 hours between connecting flights? thanks

    • a says:

      hi tina, are u flying with brit airways? if so u dont need trans visa. i just arrived at home from british airways makati and they confirmed that filipinos dont need visa as long as you stay at the airport.

  102. Anastasia says:


    I am a Russian citizen and I will be travelling from St. Petersburg to Dallas in the USA.
    I will have a long over-night stop at Heathrow in London before I catch my next flight to Dallas.
    Am I allowed to leave Heathrow if I have Russian passport with US visa and the ticket, obviuosly? Or will I have to stay in the airport only for all the long time..?

    Thanks for your advice!

  103. Dawn Spencer says:

    Traveling to Sierra Leone (Freetown). I will be changing planes in Casa Blanca. Do I need a visa for the switch over 6-10 hours before i board in Casa Blanca. I am not a citizen of the USA but I have my Green Card. I am a Jamaican. Thank you.

  104. Laila says:

    Hello, I have a flight from Dubai to America and I have a very long layover in London, I think its about 23 hours. Who can I call while I am still in Dubai to make sure that I will be able to leave the airport and stay at a hotel near by in London and tour around?? The airline? The British Embassy?? Oh, I forgot to mention that I am a US Citizen 🙂

    Thank you! I’d appreciate a fast reply.

    • Max says:

      If you are a US Citizen and you are travelling on a valid US passport you do not need to call anyone for a layover in London. You can enter the UK visa free and stay at a hotel of your choice.

      With a 23 hour layover, luggage may be a challenge as I don’t know if you can check your bags through to the US, however, if you cannot you just need to collect them at Heathrow and then if you do not want to take them to your hotel, put them in one of the baggage storage facilities that litter the airport.

      The airline will tell you when you check in at Dubai if they can check your bags through to the US, assuming thats what you want to do.

  105. Michael says:

    Looks like I’ll have a bit over 24 hour layover in London in a few weeks. Any suggestions? First timer there but not really wanting to spend the short time I’ll have seeing Big Ben or Westminster Abbey…districts for shopping, cuisine, drinking, etc. would be more my cup of tea. Thanks in advance…

  106. betty says:

    I am a chinese citizen, and have a return flight from france to the usa via london heathrow (i am a us green card holder). i have an almost 24 hour layover at london.

    am i able to leave the airport? i have a valid uk family visitor visa? (as my lovely hubby is british).

  107. Sonia says:

    I’m an Indian citizen with US permanent resident card. I will be traveling to India come November but I have a 20hr layover at London heathrow airport. Is it possible for me to leave the airport and spend the night at a nearby hotel? Also do I need to apply for a uk transit visa to do this? Thanks for the help!

  108. Brandon says:

    Hi I have a 10 hour layover at Narita airport in Japan on Nov 13th does anyone know if I will have to get a visa of any kind to leave the airport. My flight is from hanoi vn to canada with layover in Japan and San Francisco I am a Canadian passport holder….. Any advice would be much apreciated

  109. Damary says:

    I am a USA Citizen with passport, going to Rome, Italy with a 23 hrs layover in Moscow, Russia… Can I leave the airport? I will like to do some sightseeing… Please reply…. THANK YOU.


  110. julie says:

    i am traveling from london to darwin, i have a 19hr layover in changi airport, can i leave the airport,

    i have a british passport and australia visa.

    please advise,

    thanks julie

  111. Bina says:

    hi, Im travelling from USA to Johannesburg and I have a 11hrs layover in zurich. Can i leave for sight seeing. My son and boyfriend have USA passport so assume they can leave.

  112. ken says:

    I am travelling to the mideast by way of London (BA then El Al) with a 7 hour layover. My son lives in Lindon and I would like to drop off some of his things by meeting him in the airport. Will the airline allow me to only check bag as far as London eventhough I am going onward. Onward flight is on a different airline

  113. Sana says:

    Hi, I’m a Canadian Citizen and have a 7 hours layover in Paris (6:30 am – 2:00pm); i want to go to see Eiffel Tower- it seems to open at 9:30 am. Is there any metro direct to that place or bus from airport and if there are ; how much would it cost?

    I’m positiove that i can leave the airport on my way to New Delhi flying by AirFrance.

    Thanks in advance.

  114. Paul Merison says:

    I am a UK citizen, about to have a 10 hour layover at Beijing. Assuming airline says I can leave the airport, I imagine I would need a visa to leave and take a quick tour of town? Anyone else done this and can comment? Loving the cheap airfares, but 10 hours in an airport does not feel like fun.

    • DJJitta says:

      Same here but from NL. Have a layover of almost 24hrs. Did you get any usefell response or did you find any useful info about it?

  115. Blaise says:

    Hi, I am a Burundian citizen with a US student visa. I will be travelling back to the US from Burundi with a 12 hour layover in CDG Paris. Do I need some form of visa (like Schengen visa) to visite Paris during the layover?
    Thanks, for the help.

  116. syed says:

    hi v r British citizens on a trip to Dubai, v have a long lay over in Istanbul, r v allowed to go out to see Istanbul

  117. shallie jimenez says:

    Hi I am a Filipino, and since its my first time to travel to Israel, i just want to ask if i need a transit visa in Zurich going to Israel?.

    thanks a lot.

  118. shallie jimenez says:

    I am A Filipino and I am travelling from Manila to Israel via Zurich, my question is do i need a transit visa when landing to Zurich? am I allowed to go out during the lay over?. I hope u can help me on this.

    Thanks a lot.

  119. Minikar says:

    Hi,I Am us citizen.i have us passport. I have 12hours layover in Japan .is it possible i can go out from airport without tourist visa?

    • Jt says:

      You can not exit Amsterdam airport. Canadian visa is not valid in Amsterdam. You need to get a schengen visa.

      • Jt says:

        Yes you can exit Japan airport without visa for 90days. But you have to clear immigration first and put “intransit” on the embarkation card for your address in japan

  120. Joseph says:

    Hi, I have a Chinese passport and a US green card. I’m flying to China from Boston but have a layover in LAX. Is it possible to get out of the airport?


  121. Mike says:

    I am a India national and have a few hours transit in Amsterdam airport. I have a valid visa from Canada. Am I allowed to use the time in between to enter into the city and come back later again for my flight?

    Please Advise! Urgent!

    Thanks a lot!!!

  122. DR>SAIBAL RAKHIT says:

    I am an Indian, with a 10 years USA visa.On my second trip to New York, I will Fly to LIMA via Miami, and during return I have 11 hours in the morning at Miami Airport, as my connecting American Airlines is at late evening,Can I go out and see South Beach/Lincoln road..etc?

    • Max says:

      If you have a valid US visa you can enter the USA (I am assuming you have a B1/B2 Visa — if something else you should check with the state department).

      • DR.SAIBAL RAKHIT says:

        Thanks Max, I have a valid USA (B1/B2) visa till 2020. After visiting NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON I plan to go to MACHHU PICHU and LIMA (PERU) via MIAMI IN AA. (1).Do I require Yellow fever vaccination,? I don’t need as per Indian/Peru Govt visa rule…What is USA Govt rule… (2) Can I go out in Miami as my connecting AA flight has 11 hrs gap? Thanks in advance…DR.SAIBAL RAKHIT

  123. Jeffrey says:

    I am a US citizen traveling to Singapore with a 23 hour layover in Seoul. I fly into Seoul on Asiana and out on Singapore Air, but the tickets were booked on United. United says I won’t be able to leave the airport during my layover; Asiana says I will, but my bags won’t be checked through. How can I find out who’s right?

  124. Ryan says:

    I am a UK citizen (EU passport) and will be flying from Hong Kong to the UK but have a 15 hour layover in Amsterdam.

    Can someone tell me if i will be able to leave the airport as this is a long time to wait otherwise.

    Thanks for any help provided! 😀

  125. Sharon says:


    I loved this article. I am a South African Citizen, with a US Greencard, I have an 18.hr layoverin dubai on my way to south africa on vacation. May I leave the airport and roam around dubai or do I need a visa?

  126. SAGAR says:

    I am travelling from India to Muncih and I have a schengen visa. There is a layover of 11 hrs in Amsterdam. Can I go out and spend some time in exploring the city???

  127. Zarah says:

    Hi, I am a UK passport holder and my return flight from Santorini to London Heathrow has a 7hrs stopover in Athens before the connecting flight from Athens to London. I am assuming that I should be able to spend the 7hrs exploring in Athens during the stopover?
    I am just wanting some sort of confirmation that I can do this…thank you.

  128. Maribel says:

    Hello we are having a 15 hour layover in Beijing on our way to Bangkok. We are US citizens. Does anyone know if we need a visa for China if less than a day? and any tips on where we can go? We are there during day! Please help, thank you.

  129. Suneet says:


    I am travelling from London to New Delhi via Dubai. I booked the flight specifically because it has a 21 hour lay over in Dubai. Will I have to collect my luggage on the way out of Dubai Airport or can I just check it straight through to Delhi?

    I am a UK passport holder – do I need a visa to enter the UAE?

    What would be the best things I could do whilst in Dubai?

    Quick responses will be appreciated!!

  130. Gemma says:

    Hi I have a 17hr stopover in kuala lumpar on my return visit from austrailia, I’m a British citizen can I leave the transit area if I go trough customs? Also do I need a separate visa?
    Many thanks

  131. Shikhar says:

    Hi , I am Indian citizen and i am going US. I have a lay over of 7 hrs at Munich airport. I have a friend in Munich who is german national. Is there any way we can meet? Since i do not have a tourist Visa, i am not aware if i can leave the airport or is there a way we can meet at airport.

  132. Tom M says:

    Hi Max and all!

    I’m a Brit living in London, flying to Peru in the summer. On the way back I’m visiting family in San Francisco for a week.

    Flying Lima to LAX on day 1 and then LAX to SFO the morning of day 2, both legs bought through AA but leg 1 operated by LAN Peru. My question is this – if I want to leave the airport and stay with a friend overnight in Santa Monica would I be able to get my luggage even if the flights was bought as one booking?

    Also, would this have an impact on how I complete my ESTA?

    Many thanks,

  133. Kaly says:

    I’m an Indian Passport holder,currently working in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.
    I’m planning to travel from Hyderabad,India to Kuala Lumpur via Singapore on Tiger Airways.The layover is for 6 hrs.Do I need any transit/Entry visa to Singapore?

  134. Laura says:

    Hi all,

    I am travelling from Ireland (via Amsterdam) to New York. I have an 8 hour lay over in Amsterdam. Is it possible for me to leave Amsterdam airport for a few hours during my layover?

    Any help appreciated.


    • Max says:

      If you are travelling on your Irish passport there will be no problems – as you are an EU Citizen.

      8 hours is relatively short, so make sure you know where you are wanting to go, and check your bags through to New York.

  135. sereana says:

    I am a Canadian citizen, and have a 21 hours layover in Paris, France coming back from vacation in Thailand. Do you think I will have an issues going to Paris in that time?

    • Max says:

      I am also Canadian and have done this a number of times in France.

      There should be no problem from a French immigration perspective if you are travelling on your Canadian passport.

      Usual rules apply, check your bags through to Canada, and make sure that you have a copy of your onward ticket to show the French immigration officer if he wants to see it.

      Also check with the officer how much time you should allow to get back to your flight and through security, they can usually give you a pretty good estimate and are happy to help.

  136. UHD says:

    I am an Indian national working in the US on a H1B visa.I will be visiting India in a few days and passing via Heathrow where I have a layover of about 10 hours. I have a H1B visa stamped on my passport valid till 2014 and hence I believe I do not need a transit visa. I came across some forum where 2 people had mentioned that they were allowed to go out of the Heathrow airport with a “free permit” since they had long stayovers too (around 10 – 14 hrs each). I wanted to see if anybody else has tried it and it this works.

    • Max says:

      You will need a UK visa to clear customs and enter the UK as an Indian National regardless of any US Visa’s (even if you held a green card) – US immigration status is not relevant to UK immigration.

      In fact, it would appear that you would also need an airside transfer visa for what you are wanting to do.

      Please check with the UK Border Agency BEFORE you travel:

      UK Border Agency – Do you need a visa

      • UHD says:

        Thank you for the reply Max. I have looked at the UK Border Agency, through the link you mentioned, it says I would need a airside visa. However there is this page then


        which says

        ‘Transit without visa’ concession – DATV exemptions
        If you are a national of a country covered by the DATV system, you may be able to transit the UK airside without a visa. To qualify for this exemption:

        you must arrive and depart by air; and
        your onward flight must be confirmed, and must depart within 24 hours; and
        you have proper documentation for your destination, including a visa if necessary

        I think I meet these requirements.

        • Max says:

          I am afraid that to be eligible for the DATV system you must be a citizen of a country that participates in the DATV program.

          One that link you posted, read the first bullet point under the line “You can transit the UK airside without a visa if:”

          It states “you are a national of a country that is not in the list below”.

          Then scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will see the list entitled “Countries covered by the DATV system” and you will notice by expanding that list that INdia IS on the list and the requirement is to NOT be on the list.

          Anyway, this forum is not really for immigration/visa advice so call the high commission in India. UK Visa’s in India are handled by the UK’s Agent VFS Global.

          Visit their website http://www.vfs-uk-in.com/ and find their call center number and call them.

          VFS or the UK Consulate is the only reliable, authoritative, place to get VISA advice.

          It’s better to be safe than sorry, else your trip could turn into the kind of nightmare that you will not forget in a hurry, and you could get banned from entry to the UK for a very long time if you are found to not have a VISA when you need one.

  137. UHD says:

    I think this site does not allow posting direct links of websites, so I cant post a direct link to the forum I mentioned above.

  138. Merve says:


    URGENT! I am a Jordanian living in Germany and I have a student visa.
    My jordanian friend is flying from Jordan to the US only with US visa. and has a 6 hour transit in France, is it possible for me to see him? Do I have to fly to the same airport ? Can he leave the airport so I could go by train? Or impossible to meet ?

    Quick answer much appreciated !

  139. Jean says:

    Im from Manila to Vegas , i will have 10 hrs layover to Hawaii via Hawaiian Airline,
    Can i leave the airport?

  140. Merushka says:

    Hi, I have a South African Passport stamped with permanent UK residence. I have a 15 hour stop over in Rome en route to Tunisia. Will I be able to leave the airport, and can I obtain a sticker type visa at the airport if I need one to leave the airport?

    • Max says:

      You need a visa as a South African citizen, regardless of your residence status in the UK.

      Refer to the Italian Consulate section on Visa requirements.

  141. Annie says:

    Hi, I am a british citizen and will be travelling to Rio de Janiero from Heathrow airport. However I have a 12 hour stopover in Washington Dulles airport.

    Would this be enough time to exit the airport and do some brief sightseeing. I already have the visa waiver form.


  142. Lucy says:

    We’re traveling from Australia to Europe via Dubai. We have 8 hours in dubai. I’ve heard it’s easy to catch the metro to the old souq. We’re traveling Qantas/code shared Emirates, on Australian/British/Canadian passports. Do we need a visa to leave the airport? Cost? Can we store our carry on somewhere at the airport before heading into town?

    Would love to have a look around and hopefully come for longer another time.

    thank you for any tips you can offer.

  143. Nicky says:

    Hi I am traveling to Hawaii from London with an 8 hrs stop over in San Francisco.

    I hold a European Passport and have ESTA. Can I leave the airport in SF? Will I have to collect luggage in SF and check in again for flight from SF to Hawaii? al routes with United

    Please let me know

    Thank you Nicky

  144. Jennifer says:

    Can someone help me real quick? I’m a US citizen and have the option of choosing a 5 hour layover in PTY- Panama City; thinking of leaving the airport (before I continue to Bogota). Anyone know if this is feasible???

  145. Veronica says:

    Hi I’m an argentinian citizen returning to Buenos Aires from Fort lauderdale Fl. on a flight that has a 12 hrs layover in Chicago. I was wandering if I can leave the airport to spend the day in the city. Thanks in advance for any info!

  146. Glenda says:

    I’m a USA Citizen and I will be in the airport for 7 hours on a layover with four children. Any suggestions about things to do? Places to go?

  147. Nancy says:

    We are returning home on an international flight and have a layover in a city (phl) that is closer to us than the final stop (Newark). Since we have to get our baggage when we deboard in Phl anyway due to customs, can we just go on our merry way, or do we need to let the airline know we will not be going on the final leg of the trip?

  148. Sn says:

    Help! I’m booking a flight from Chicago to Tel Aviv with a 14 hour layover in Rome. One ticketing agent said we couldn’t leave the airport, another said we could. Who is right? Do we need a visa?

  149. Sagar says:

    Hello Max
    We a family of Canadian citizens (2 parents and 2 kids) returning to Canada from India via Heathrow. We have a 8 hour layover in Heathrow. Can we leave Terminal 5 and go to Terminal 3/4 to a loounge or hotel for a quick nap before we return to T5 to catch our next leg of journey? It seems T5 has no lounges for people traveling Coach !!!
    We already visited UK on our inbound jounrney to India and have stamps from UK immigration in our passports with 6 month visitor visa on arrival given at that time (last month). Would that help?


    • Max says:

      If you have a Canadian passports and onward tickets there will be no issue entering the UK. Once you leave the terminal though you are not likely to find a lounge or so on.

      Depending on the length of your layover, you may just want to spend some time in a hotel — I believe their is a short-stay hotel in T4 called Yotel.

      Use the Heathrow express to move between terminals – its is free. Make sure you allow enough time for the rigours of checkin and security at T5 — not the fastest airport to get through

  150. David says:

    A great informative article! I have a trip coming up in the Fall of the year and am writing to acquire information. I have a 19.5 hour layover in Rome on my way from Athens to New York (I have a US Passport/No visa required for visit to Greece.)Can one exit the airport and have a walkabout around the city and obtain hotel accommodations that night before flying out the next morning?


  151. C Miller says:

    I will be returning from Manila and have a 10 layover In Japan. They have “day” hotels you can check into which is so great. From Japan to Hawaii, than from hawaii to Seattle, I have a 12hr layover. Does Honolulu airport have Day Hotels IN the aiport? I worry if I leave the airport i will get lost and not make it back in time. Are there tours at the airport?

  152. Jenny Kang says:

    Hello, I’m a U.S. Citizen and have a 20 hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany.

    Would I be able to leave the airport and come back in alright or do I need special documents beforehand?

    • Max says:

      No, you would just have to have an onward ticket, check your bags thru if you can. US Citizens do not generally need visas for the EU.

  153. Jenny Kang says:

    I also have a lay over in doha, qatar for 3 hours… wanted to see something in that city real quick. Do I need a visa to do so or is U.S. citizenship/passport enough? 🙂

  154. craig henry says:

    if you leave Jamaica stopping for a 19hr overnight layover in Miami via Curacao,will you get to stay in a hotel? and do you have to go tru fingerprinting hassle? even if you Dont want to enter U.S soil,plus dont have a visa for that anyway,just in transit to mexico thats all…

    • Max says:

      The CBP fingerprint everyone (10 printing is the phrase they use) . When entering a US airport, you have to clear customs, this means that if you are from a visa country, you would need to have a valid US visa (or transit visa) regardless of weather you plan to stay in the airport or not.

      You don’t state your nationality, however, check the the state-department website to see if you need a visa.

  155. Angie Brookes says:

    Hi there,
    My husband and I are travelling from the uk to las vegas, on the return journey we have a 13 hour layover arriving in newark arriving at 6.30am, I’m hoping after security out of and into, we will have at least 6 hours to hopefully see a little piece of nyc.
    Will we be allowed to leave the airport to site see and will leaving 3 hours either side be long enough for check in and security?
    Many thanks

    • Rachel says:

      US check in is usually quicker than the UK, never usually needing more than 2 hours. NYC is about half an hour on the train or taxi so you would definitely have time. Double-check with the airline and make sure you fill out the ESTA form before leaving!

  156. Rachel says:

    This website is great and so useful. A quick piece of useful information from someone with vast experience of transatlantic flights and London/Paris airports:

    – If you are coming into the US and connecting onto another flight, you have to pick up your bags on port of entry and check them to your final destination, so it may not always be possible to leave bags there
    – London Heathrow is a 40 minute subway ride from the nice South Kensington area in London. It is very doable for layovers of 5 hours +
    – Paris Charles de Gaulle is not an airport you would ever want to spend much time at. The train takes 40-50 minutes to get into central Paris but isn’t extremely reliable. Again fine for layovers of 6 hours +

    Anyone have any tips on iceland’s main airport and if it is worth booking a flight with a long layover there to see the city?

  157. DK says:

    I am a Canadian Citizen flying from Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) to Nairobi (NBO). I have a 17-hour layover in Amsterdam & I’m wondering if I’m allowed to leave the airport?

    I’d like to get some fresh air & maybe sight see a little.

    • Max says:

      Yes, you may… Canadians have visa free travel to the European Union. Check your bags through to Nairobi so you do not need the hassle of lugging them around the airport and re-checking them.

  158. Jayc91 says:

    Hi, I’m a UK citizen wondering if I need a visa in order to leave Dubai International Airport and go to explore for the day? My layover is 20 hours so I don’t really want to be stuck inside the airport all day! I assume my luggage will be automatically transferred from leg 1 of my flight to my final destination? I will be flying Emirates to Shanghai Pu Dong. Thanks!

  159. Anja says:

    german citizen , leaving from San Francisco, USA to Copenhagen, Denmark, 15 hour layover in Toronto, Canada. Is it possible for me to leave the airport and explore Toronto?

    • Max says:

      Yes, in fact, anyone flying into Toronto and connecting to the US has to clear customs in Canada, collect their bags, place them back on the connections belt, and then once you are ready to fly to the US, you pass through US immigration in Toronto — the US bound flight then lands at a domestic terminal in the states as the passengers have already been clear before getting onto the flight.

      Something to bear in mind about Pearson International — the airport is not in Toronto, but actually in Mississauga, which is sort of to the South West of the city. There is not simple way to get to the city — so you should consider just taking a Taxi for about $40 one way — there are shuttles — not sure how much they are.

      15 Hours is more than enough to travel to the city. Allow about 2 hours at the airport before your US bound flight, as it can get rather slow through security and US immigration.

      • Anja says:

        Thanks Max.

        I’m actually leaving the US and flying back home. But that should be no problem, too.

  160. ArnoldTP says:

    I am flying from Zurich to Venice and have a 6 hour layover in Barcelona. Can I leave the airport and go to a restaurant nearby?

    • Max says:

      Depends on your citizenship and travel document… 6 hours should be sufficient if the rest is in order — check your bags through though.

  161. Priaa says:

    Hi I m an Indian, do I need visa to leave the HeAthrow airport to visit
    My friend during my20 hours layover, I m flying to Richmond USA .

  162. Vladimir says:

    Hi! Im treveling from Kiev Ukraine to New York via Rome Italy, if no delays, i should land in Rome by Saturday 7:15am, my next flight is leaving by 12:50pm, i was wandering, if i can leave the airport, take a Taxicab and drive to Collesium to take some pictures real quick, and get back to airport, i calculated that it would take like 40 min of driving from Airport to Collisium, so if i land 7:15am and lets say i would leave the airport by 8:30am plus 40-45 min of driving, (saturday morning should be no traffic) i should get there by 9:20am approximately, stay there till like 10:20am (1 hour should be enough to take pictures of one my favorite architectures in the world) than catch the taxi again and go back to air port, another 40 min of driving, so by 11-11:30am i should be back to the airport, and technicaly i would have hour and a half to go thru security and get to the plane, i have US Passport, so i dont need no Visa to exit the airport, what do u think? Is it possible for me to make this happen like that? Thank you!

  163. chloe says:

    hello. I am a UK passport holder, if I have a layover in Toronto of almost 23 hours, am I allowed to leave the airport to explore the city in that time?

  164. phuong says:

    I am going to Belgium and connect flight from London. I am layover at Heathrow London airport for 3 hours. However, i would like to check out and stay in London for sightseen city for 2 days and catch another flight to Belgium. Am I allowed to stay in London to explore the city?

  165. Ryan says:

    I have 6 hours between flights from glasgow to Amsterdam, then amsterdam to sweden, and i allowed to leave the airport, Scottish citizen, im part of the EU so i dont think it should be a problem

    • Max says:

      This should be fine, just remember 6 hours is not a lot of time for an international connection – so you may not be able to stray too far from the airport, perhaps enough for a restaurant somewhere…

  166. Sandi says:

    I’m traveling back from Israel to the US – US Passport holder – through Moscow. I have a 16 hour layover there, overnight, in Moscow Vnukovo Airport.

    I’m not sure I want to bother going out, but I would like to find a place to rest or sleep. I have a feeling I need a visa to exit the airport.

    Is anyone familiar with this airport? Are there places to go and sleep on long layovers?

    Thanks for any help!!

    • Elias says:

      I think you do have to get a visa for Russia but maybe you already know that since probably you already know since you posted back in June. Please post what you did so other people can benefit from your experience. Thank you

  167. peter churchill says:

    Hi all, im travelling with my swedish wife and 2 kids to Rhodas Greece with 12 hour stopover att wien airport, can we leave the airport, whats the story.

    Peter Churchill

  168. Clare Singh says:

    I’ll be travelling to Morocco and will be transit in Amsterdam airport for 5 hours. Do I need a visa? I’m guyanese and currently resides in the British Virgin Islands for 22years but still hold a Guyana’s passport.I worked with an indefinite exemption.

  169. Mohamed says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am an Egyptian citizen and I am going to visit USA next October and on my way back to Cairo taking the British airways I will have transit in Heathrow airport for 11 hours before I take my connection plane to Cairo.

    I would like to seize this opportunity to see London during the waiting time instead of staying at the airport for this long.

    Would you please advise if i will visa for this or not and if so what is the type of visa I will need and the requirements (fees & documents)

    • Elias says:

      I think you do have to get a visa for UK, even if you hold a US visa but maybe you already know that since you posted back in August. It’s extremely cumbersome to get a UK visa unfortunately. A couple of years ago before I got my US passport (through Naturalization) I couldn’t even connect in the UK without a visa so I requested the visa for UK. It took four weeks to get my passport back. Awful, I almost missed my trip because of this. And there is no way to find out the status of it either. It’s worse to get a UK visa that the US I think. Please post what did you find out so other people can benefit from your experience. Thank you

  170. Abdullah says:

    I am Iraqi citizen and i have a valid visa type A2 , now i am in turky istanbul and i will leave from istanbul to Atlanta USA next few days and my trip will be with 18 hours overnight layover at frankfurt airport and i want to check if i can leave the airport and see the downtown during this time . Is my visa ( us visa ) and my passport ( iraqi passport ) is enough or i need any other types of visa .

  171. Annie says:

    I hold Thai passport with Green card . I have Schengen visa to France. I have 10 hrs layover at London on my way from Boston to France. I am curious that can I get out of airport for sight seeing .

    • Elias says:

      The UK is not part of Schengen treaty so you should check with the UK consulate. Most likely you will need to get a visa unfortunately to clear immigration in London.Please post what you have found out so far so other people can benefit from your experience. Thank you

  172. Jim Beard says:

    I have Philippine workforce working in the US Navy base in Guantanamo Bay, CUBA — They will transit to Ft Lauderdale, FL (FLL) with a transit visa for the US on their way back to Manila, Philippines (MNL). My question is — Does their passport require at least six (6) months validity in order to transit or does the six month requirement apply for them to return home via transit through the US (FLL)??
    Thank you so much for your help, I have searched and can not locate this info.

  173. vishnukdas says:

    Hi am an Indian passport holder I want to know if I booking for sreelenkan flight fly from Trivandrum to Japan stop over at Colombo 13hrs this time I can stay in airport is it possible?

  174. Stine Mari says:

    Hello. I am travelling to Manilla from Norway this Christmas and on our way back home we have a 7 hour layover in Amsterdam. Is this enough time to explore Amsterdam? And am I allowed? I travel with both China Airlines and KLM, with a Norwegian passport.

  175. Aayush says:

    Quick question,

    I have a canadian visa and i am going to india from canada. I have 12 hours layover in paris (charles de gaulle airport). Is that possible that i can go outside the airport for sight seeing.
    Kindly get back to me as soon as possible.


    • sonia says:

      Hi Aayush,
      I have the same question but am traveling from the US to India with a 12-hour stopover in Paris. Did anyone get back to you on your question?

  176. Carl says:

    Hi there

    I am DR Congo citizen and travelling to Canada via Heathrow (London), I want to know whether I will be allowed to visit the city without a transit visa. Any one to help …

  177. Kathy says:

    I am stopping over to change planes in Amsterdam. We have from 11:30 am to the plane leaving at 3:55. Is it worth leaving the airport and what to do in Amsterdam. We are all girls and we are a church group. Get a good brunch?

    • Damion says:

      Hello Kathy,

      Its about 25-30 min train ride from AMS.
      Buy your round trip ticket at the kiosk or at the desk on the ground floor.
      After the ticket is in hand, head down stairs and jump on one of the many trains that whisk you off to Amsterdam. The trains run every 10min or so.
      Do what people do in AMS and enjoy the coffee shops, canals and oh..just saw church group. .. Canals and flowers, food all over the place! Enjoy

  178. Naman says:

    I have a permanent resident card of canada and valid us visa.I am going to India and I have 12 hour layover in Paris do I need visa to go outside of the airport for sightseeing?and if yes can I apply visa at the airport

  179. sonia says:

    Hi, I’m traveling with small kids from the US to India with a 12-hour stopover in Paris. I would like to leave the airport and sleep in a hotel for about 6-7 hours. Can someone help with the following questions:

    1. Am I allowed to leave the transit area and the airport?

    2. Will I need to take all my luggage with me or will it be checked all the way through to India?

    3. Will going through customs be an issue since I won’t have my luggage with me?

  180. walid khemila says:

    i have layover 20 hour in frankfurt airport, from houston to tunisia

    i am green card holder.

    do i have chance to visit the city of frankfurt if i ask the passport control officier , or i can t leave the airside no matter thank

  181. Fiona says:

    we are an Australian family traveling from Nairobi to Melbourne with a 23hr 45min stop over in Mumbai/Bombay. Do we need a tourist or transit visa to be able to stay in a hotel or sight-see during that time? We will be flying with Jet Airways.

  182. Kunal says:

    I’m travelling to Mumbai(india) from japan through Malaysia with 16 hours layover. I’m wondering if I roam around to the site seeing.
    Is it possible with indian passport or do I gotta get Visa first.?

  183. Yancey says:

    Hi! i am a filipino citizen but Im also a canadian resident & i also have a US tourist visa planning to visit philippines sooner via KLN airlines & will have a layover in amsterdam for 13 hours. Do i need visa?tnx!

  184. day says:

    im philippine passport holder,i have a US green card,traveling to philippines,i have a lay over in haneda airport,i want to visit a friend in japan, do they let me get out in the airport?is anybody know?
    Help is very much appreciated,thank you

  185. Vy says:

    Hey there, I have an indian passport and I’m going back from london to india but i have a layover in paris for around 12 hours and the flight is Air france,therefore am i allowed to leave the airport for that period of time ?

    Would appreciate your help.

  186. Bob says:

    I have two long layovers roundtrip and I bought my ticket through cheapoair. Will they allow me to go into the city (vienna and Munich) for my layover?

  187. Paula says:

    Hi, I’m Indonesian citizen and holding Indonesia passport. I will be flying from Slovakia to Indonesia via London (LHR). I have layover in London for around 9 hours in the same day. Is it possible for me to walk around and see London for the mentioned time? If so, do I need specific visa to do it?

  188. CM says:

    Hi, I have a layover in Istanbul on my Flight London-Tehran. Can I leave the airport? Is there a way of getting a 24 hour visa? Any suggestions from those that have travelled there. I am a woman travelling alone. CM

  189. CM says:

    Also – I’m an Irish and Canadian citizen.

  190. Gaurav says:

    I have an Indian passport and am travelling to UK in Jan-15. On my way back I have a 12-hour layover at CDG-Paris. Can I go out to the city?
    What are the visa requirements(transit / tourist), if any? Please advise.

  191. Charlotte says:

    Hi there,
    I have a 12 layover in San franscisco coming up and on the return flight a 8hr layover in LA could someone let me know if I need a visa to leave the airport I am a British passport holder and will be flying from New Zealand.
    Thank you

  192. Jose says:

    Hi there,

    I will be travelling from Rio de Janeiro to Madrid this february via JFK in New York with American Airlines.

    I have 12 hours between flights so I figured I’d leave the airport and head down to Manhattan.
    I am a EU citizen so I suppose I won’t need any special visa.

    Does anybody know if this can be done? Or will they stop me in the airport?

    Thanks in advance

  193. hashwanth says:

    hii i am indian citizen having US visa,i have a layover of 8 hrs in bangkok.so can i have chance to exit airport and go for sight seeing in bangkok?or i should stay in airport only?

  194. Theodoros says:

    I am a Greek citizen (EU).

    I am travelling from Lisbon (LIS) to Miami (MIA) through London Heathrow airport (LHR), with Virgin Atlantic airline.

    The question is if i can, on the way back (MIA-LHR-LIS) to skip the last leg of the flights (LHR-LIS) and get off in London.

    Can i get my luggage in LHR;
    Is this a problem for the airline;


  195. Damion says:


    I am a US citizen going to Vietnam (visa in hand for Vietnam) and there is a 10 hour layover in Tokyo.

    The question is if the city is close enough to do lunch, take a photo or two and jump back to the airport.

    Thanks for the help!

  196. Nicole Chambers says:

    I have a 7 hour layover at Heathrow. Is this enough time to go into City?

  197. Richa says:

    Hi Max,
    Thanks for giving some excellent advise here. I am a Canadian citizen and I will be travelling from Calgary to Delhi via London and will have a 19 hour layover in London. During this time I would like to visit my cousin in London. I would like your advise if I can go out during this time. If so then what all do I need to follow and also how to make sure my luggage is checked till Delhi.
    Waiting for your reply.

  198. Romy Rivera says:

    We will be flying to Los Angeles in April 2015 from Manila. We will have a lay-over at Pudong Shanghai International Airport. We will be arriving at 08:15 am at Pudong & the next flight to LA is 6:10 PM.Can we go out from the airport during waiting time. By the way I am a Filipino together with my wife.

  199. meekar says:


    We hold a Canadian passport. I will have about 10 hours layover in Tokyo, Japan Airport. I was wondering if I can step out and tour the downtown Tokyo, during my 10 hours layover? My son is so fascinated to see Tokyo downtown.

  200. Rona says:

    Hello everybody! I’ll be travelling to uk on jan. next year and i have to spend 16 hours layover in king abdulaziz airport jeddah. Pls. can anyone advice me what is the best way to spend the time i.e. Airport lounge with sleeping bags or book a nearest hotel ( which hotel)? And do i need to get a transit visa? I’ve got my husband and 2 kids with me and we all have british passport. Also any other tips that you might consider important. Thank you all!

  201. Sunny says:

    I will be going from the US to Slovenia and there is a 12 hour layover in Switzerland. Do I need anything specific or something to look out for to explore the city?

  202. Sue says:


    I am a canadian citizen. I’m headed to Goa, India. I have a 12 hour layover in Paris. Do I need a visa to exit the airport and go around Paris? How much time should I give myself to make it back for the 10pm flight out?

    Thank you so much,


  203. Shaun says:

    Hi I’m UK passport holder looking to travel from UK to Sydney I have a 23hr connection stop over in Bangkok looking to spend day viewing sites. Can I leave the airport and is there suitable place for luggage storage

  204. Rowan says:

    Hi. I am a South African citizen. I am travelling from the US to South Africa via Heathrow London with a 8 hour layover before the next flight to Johannesburg
    Can I leave the airport for a city tour to make up some time? Regards

  205. Syed Ashfaq says:

    Hi There
    I, Indian National,am traveling to Toronto with my family including children and we have a layover of around 18 hours, we have Canadian PR Cards. Can we leave the airport to see the city and be back to catch the flight next day. Are we allowed to leave the airport without a Turkey Visa as we hold PR cards and valid on-ward boarding cards of the flight to Toronto.

  206. Syed Ashfaq says:

    Hi There
    I, Indian National,am traveling to Toronto with my family including children and we have a layover of around 18 hours at Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul, we have Canadian PR Cards. Can we leave the airport to see the city and be back to catch the flight next day. Are we allowed to leave the airport without a Turkey Visa as we hold PR cards and valid on-ward boarding cards of the flight to Toronto.

  207. maureen says:

    Hi there iam a permanent resident in canada with having a philippine passport, I have a 22 hrs lay over in Tokyo japan on my way to manila, do I need a japan visa, and can I go around the place at the same time too, pls advise thanks,

  208. Callum says:

    I have a full UK passport, i will be travelling to japan from london with a layover of 15 and 18 hours in Russia SVO Sheremetyevo (there and then back)
    i am new to long haul flying, will i be able to leave the airport?

  209. Janet says:

    Hi there , we are travelling from London to New Zealand and have a 23 hour stopover in Singapore just trying to find out if we are allowed to leave the airport? Also if there is a hotel that we could book in the airport for us to maybe shower and have a snooze! we don’t want to travel outside for accommodation but would love to go into the city. feedback would be gratefully appreciated. many thanks.

    • Layover Guide Staff says:

      Hi Janet, have you taken a look at our Layover Guide to Singapore? http://bit.ly/1CdJi4F It lists transit hotels that you can access without clearing immigration, as well as hotels near the airport and in Singapore as well. Leaving the airport shouldn’t be an issue with a UK passport as you wouldn’t need a visa.

  210. eoghan daly says:

    Hi, I’m an Irish citizen with Irish passport. Have a 19 hour layover in Copenhagen en route to Moscow with SAS airlines. Will I be able to visit copenhagen?

  211. Thameem says:

    Iam an Indian
    planned a trip to china for 3 days
    on my return to Mumbai I wanted a stopover
    a night in hong kong to have a leisure

    can anyone suggest me what I would do to have the
    visa and a guidance to cover in hong kong city

    thanks for the support


  212. Lex Lizama says:

    I have 8 hr layover in Gatwick traveling from US to Madrid. Any tips to see London Fast .

  213. Tash says:

    Hi -I am british national flying with my father from HK to London.

    We are getting a transit flight from Hong Kong to Moscow Domodedovo (arriving at 17:30) and then leaving the following day from Moscow Vnukovo (leaving at 14:10) to London Heathrow.
    We have a layover of just under 21 hours.

    Do I need a visa?? Am I able to stay the night in a hotel more centrally as I am going between two airports?

    Any help would be amazing!! Its all a bit confusing on the website.

    Currently I am in HK and my father is in UK – so need to work out how to go through Russian embassy if needed. Thanks!

    • Layover Guide Staff says:

      Hi, using the widget on the side of the website is a helpful indicator of whether you need a visa. On a quick look, it appears as if you would need a visa to Russia with a UK passport (you don’t need one from Hong Kong but is that just your father’s location, or his nationality too?). You can call a local passport/visa agency to direct questions to.

  214. Amanda says:

    Hi, I am a US resident with a green card (not a US citizen). I have a Lebanese passport. Would I be able to go out of the airport into UK or France for example during my layover? Would I need a special Visa for that since i am not a US citizen? How about if I want to stay a few days in europe how would that work? Thank you

  215. Sophia S says:

    Hi, I’m 16 and will be going to Europe this summer. I will be going from Zurich to Madrid, but will have a layover in London that is over 16 hours. I recently got my Visa that allows me to be able to have a quick visit around the city, but I’m not sure if they will not allow me due to my age? I will be alone and was wondering if I am allowed to go out by myself? Thanks.

  216. Khairul says:


    I am a Malaysian and traveling to Istanbul and have a transit at Dubai Airport for 6.5 hours. Do you think I can leave the airport and get some fresh air and the sunrise view since I will arrive at the airport at 6am. I am traveling via Emirates from Kuala Lumpur – Dubai – Istanbul. Do I need to check my luggage again or I can check it through my final destination in Istanbul? Also, how many boarding pass will be given to me from KL-Istanbul via Dubai transit? This is my first time traveling and alone, please help to answer. Thank you.

  217. marie says:

    Hi we are travelling uk to st lucia via alanta in american with visa in place we have 14 hour lay over till our connection from atlanta anyone know can we leave airport during this time and do we have to take our luggage with us

  218. Reo says:

    Kia Ora, I am traveling on a New Zealand passport to Sao Paulo with a 6hour stopover in Chile. Can I leave the transit area (not the airport) to catch up with a friend and reenter to continue my flight to Sao Paulo. I intend to check my luggage NZ to Sao Paulo.

  219. Daniel says:

    Do Canadian Permanent Residents require a VISA to exit the Beijing Airport in China during a layover? I understand that citizens do not and was hoping the same would apply to PR’s. Thanks.

  220. Cristina says:

    Hey ya,
    Next June I’ll be flying from Lisbon to Venice, with a 7 hour layover in Amsterdam.

    1. I’ve read somewhere that I should be sure to give it 2 hours in and out the airport to go through security and such. Is that correct?

    2. The only identification document I have is my citizenship card which I believe is enough for me to travel anywhere in the Euro Zone. My sister also travelled from Lisbon to Venice last year with the same id document. However, she didn’t have a layover im Amsterdam, as she flied with TAP. So my question is, do I need any other id document to be allowed to leave the transit area in AMS?

    3. I’m flying with KLM. Will my ticket allow me to leave the transit area?

    Thanks in advance

  221. Ali says:

    Hello. I am Azerbaijan citizen. I am going to Berlin. I have 20 hours layover in London. is it possible to leave airport for city tour? I have National Germany visa.
    Thanks for helping.

  222. Akande Wale says:

    Hello, I am a Nigerian citizen. I am going to U.S. I have 10 hours layover at Heathrow. Is it possible for me to see a friend of mine at the airport without leaving the terminal?

  223. Kim says:

    Hello, we have a 12 hour night layover in O’Hare on a flight from Europe with Atlanta as the final destination. Since it’s a night layover we’d like to leave the airport and spend the night at an airport hotel is that something we can do? We won’t need our checked bags so can we just go through emigration and re-check the bags for the final destination and leave them at the airport?

    Thanks for helping.

  224. Manoj says:

    I am India citizen and traveling from India to Geneva via Dubai. I have 8.40 hours in Dubai to connect next flight. Can I go to outside the airport to visit Dubai for some hours or Do I need a visa to leave the airport? Cost?

    thank you for any tips you can offer.

  225. Eshan says:

    I am travelling to the US and have a 19 hour layover at LHR. I hold a valid student visa for the USA and a valid tourist visa for the UK. Will I be allowed to leave the airport premises during my layover? Please help, I haven’t been able to get any clear information on this topic.
    Thanks a lot!

  226. Lyn says:

    I’m flying Korean airlines from Auckland to London have a over night layover in Soel can I purchase duty free in NZ before I leave Auckland and carry it with me to the hotel then be ok to take back on the flight onto London this is unopened duty free goods.

  227. Tiktok says:

    Hi! I am Thai and have a US Green Card, flying to Thailand and will have a 14 hour layover in Vienna. To get leave the airport to explore the country during my layover hours, what kind of visa do I need? I’ve been looking around for information but I got confused.

  228. pranav says:

    hello helper.
    I’m an Indian citizen. with a a valid US travel visa. I have a connecting flight via ALICANTE spain TO MiAMI.the layover is more than 20 hours.
    will I be allowed to go out & see Alicante.
    if yes what should I do & how shall I approach the immigration & customa.

  229. Penny Kotze says:

    Hi I am a South African travelling on a South African passport travelling from Johannesburg to Rome. We have a layover in Frankfurt for 9 hours. We will have a Schengen visa for Italy but I would like to know if we can go into Frankfurt? Thanks Penny

  230. parth says:

    hello, i m indian citizen.going to ottawa (canada) in august with student visa. i have indian passport.so while planning for flight. i have found 2 planes that have layover for about 4-5 hours.

    1-is in london heathrow airport.
    another flight has layover in frankfurt germany.
    n to be frank m casual smoker. so during this long journey i wants to smoke as well as have some fresh air.

    so which ll be the best layover place? which one doesnt need visa during layover.or atleast does airport have seprate smoking zones for smokers?

  231. Jac says:

    Hi I am flying from nyc to Budapest for vacation with a 23 hour layover in Stockholm via Norwegian airlines. Will I be able to leave the Arlanda airport?

  232. david says:

    but make sure your passort is stamped properly to avoid any hassle.

  233. Constantinos says:

    I am travelling from Berlin to Athens with a 17-hour layover in Sockholm, Arlanda. I don’t need a tourist visa to enter Sweden, since I am Greek. I have a friend to meet in Stockholm, so would I have any problem to leave Arlanda Airport and stay at his place for the night?

  234. Mcbohn says:

    US passport traveling through Canada to the UNited Arab Emirates…do I need a visa to visit Frankfurt, Germany? There are 6 of us…will we be able to get out of the airport? We have an 11 hour layover.

  235. Linn says:

    Hi. I’m a Norwegian citizen having a connecting flight from Havana (HAV) to Oslo (OSL) with a 10 hour stopover in Toronto. Is this enough time to leave the airport? I know I don’t need a visa, but will I need to pass through any type of immigration check? And do I have to pick up&re-check-in my luggage if leaving the airport?

    • Fiona says:

      Here is a new airport train service from the airport to the downtown station (Union station) in Toronto. It takes about 30 mins each way, costs about $27 from memory. Toronto isn’t that big and there is a Metro train system and street cars to help you get around. Plenty to see on a 10 hour layover.

      You will need to go through immigration as you will be entering the country. They’re pretty efficient though. ask your airline if your luggage will be checked through to Oslo.

  236. paula says:

    hi i am flying san diego to dublin ireland with a 14 hour layover on boston can i leave airport to see
    boston for those hours

  237. Jesuraj says:

    I am travelling from chennai to Chicago. I have a US visa. I have a layover of 20 hours in London Heath row. Will I be able to go out of airport for a visit. Or is there any arrangement in airport who will take us for a trip. thank you

  238. Dileep says:

    Hi, I am travelling to UK from Bangalore and I have 4 hours layover time at Delhi. Can I go out of the airport to meet my friend or not. If yes do I need to pass through customs while going out and go through immigration in Delhi again ?

  239. KL says:

    Hi, I have an Australian passport. I have a 9 hour layover in Singapore coming back from Cambodia. Will I be able to leave the airport and do I need a visa to do so?
    Appreciate your feedback 🙂

    • Fiona says:

      Aussies don’t need a visa for singapore, just make sure you have more than 6mths validity left on your passport. 9 hours is heaps of time to have a look around Singapore, its quite small but well worth a look.

  240. zain says:

    I’m going Pakistan from London via Istanbul. I’ve British passport. I have 24 overlay at Istanbul on my return from Pakistan London. Can I leave airport during that time. I’m going visa Turkish airlines both ways. Thanks

  241. Luciana says:

    Hi everyone,

    I really really need a help.

    Im going from Indonesia to Santorini (Greece) via Barcelona using Transavia then Vueling . There will be 4.5 hours layover in Barcelona. In this case,
    1. can I go outside the airport just to see barcelona (I will not go to the city)?
    2. If yes, is there any thing I can see nearby the airport of barcelona?
    3. is it worth to do?

    Much appreciate your feedback 🙂

    • Luciana says:

      I am sorry, I mean:

      I am going from Amsterdam to Santorini via Barcelona using Transavia then Vueling.

      Thank you so much!! 🙂

  242. Prateek Gautam says:

    I have a Nepalese passport and travelling to the USA via London on August 25. I have a valid US F1 – Student visa.

    I have a layover of 14 hours at LHR. I will have my luggage checked over to my final destination. It means I will only have a handbag with me at LHR. I will be arriving via Air India and depart via Delta Airline

    I wonder if I could visit London during the layover. And what would be the visa charge??

  243. SlayerCoder says:

    I am traveling from USA to India and have a 7 hours of layover at Paris. I have a tourist visa for USA. Can I go checkout city of Paris during my layover ?
    Or do I need to get tourist visa for that ?

    Help would be much appreciated.


  244. Vicky says:


    We have a 8 hour layover in Toronto flying back to the UK from orlando. Can we leave the airport? Would love to see the CN tower

  245. Laura says:

    Hi, we have a 12hr layover in Philadelphia flying from LAX back to LHR. We both have UK passports and Estas will we be able to sightsee in Philadelphia?

  246. Jim says:

    Always check with your countries embassy for entry requirements into other countries. A quick search for UK:



    I have left airports during layovers ranging from four hours or more all over the world. Every country is different. Some require a visa, some don’t. Some you can pay for the visa when you arrive, some need to be planned ahead.

    I do recommend getting out and seeing things. It’ll be like having two vacations in one trip.

    Best of luck.

  247. rita says:

    hi, i m indian passport holder. i m travelling from dusseldorf to mumbai via emirates airlines. my layover is in dubai and i have 3 months visa of dubai, so will i be allowed to go out of dubai airport if i want to cancel the next flight from dubai to mumbai? or can i also claim a flight after 3 months from dubai to mumbai?

  248. Simon Harding says:

    If you can, I would heartily suggest doing so. London airports have such great transfers into town that it is easy to pop in, see a West End musical and get back out again!

  249. Saher says:

    I’m an Indian passport holder and Dubai resident. If I get Schengen from Spain and I have a layover in Paris on my way to barcelona, can I exit in Paris to see the city or do I have to enter through Barcelona first before I go to any other schengen countries?

    • Anne says:


      Im from the Philippines and im traveling to San Antonio Texas with a lay over in LAX for 6 hrs. I am holding a US tourist Visa. Can i leave LAX to have lunch with my friends in Culver city LA and be back before my flight going to San Antonio Texas?

  250. Anna says:

    We are New Zealanders and have a 13 hours layover in Hawaii on our way into Canada. We have visas are we do come back in the US later in our trip. Are we able to leave the airport during this 13 hour period?

  251. Jennifer says:

    Hi, I am a U.S citizen and I am heading to London ..i don’t need a visa in United Kingdom or in Greece I think.. but what I want to know is do I need a visa for a 9hr layover in Brussels national airport if I want to leave the airport. I have my passport.

  252. Mayank says:


    I am an Indian citizen and have US visa. My connecting flight is from Paris with 7:30 hrs layover. Just wondering, will I be allowed to go out and explore the beautiful city.

  253. Paula says:


    I am a Filipino Citizen traveling to the US. We have a 4-hour layover in TPE (Taipei – Taiwan). i have no intentions of leaving the airport, do i still need to get a visa? thank you.

  254. Governor says:

    I have a dual citizenship, with Australian passport and Kenyan passport.
    Will I need a visa to leave the airport at South Africa airport during a layoverfor site seeing ?

  255. SAMER says:

    I am travelling to Hamburg through Frankfurt, and I have 1 hour and 25 minutes layover.
    Is it fare enough to change airport?
    Or, should I change the booking?

  256. Monojit says:

    Hi All,
    I am an Indian Citizen with a valid US visa. Enroute to my trip to San Francisco from Mumbai, I have a 8:30 hours layover at Charles De Gaulè airport. It would really be great .. If I could get some assistance on the following :

    – could I exit the terminal/airport and enter the city?
    – or would I need a visa for that?

    Any directions and pertinent suggestions would greatly be appreciated..

    Thanks in advance!!

  257. Charmagne Oba says:

    Hi there just want to ask I have connecting flight from Los Angeles to London with 6 hours layover then London to Singapore
    I’m holding a Philippine passport but living in Singapore how does VISA works for me?

  258. Zélia Martins says:

    Hi there,

    I´m a portuguese citizen, during my return flight from cancun to Lisbon I have a 8 hour layover at Miam airpot, during day time, can I go to the center of the city, do I need a Visa? Would apreciate if you can give me some advice, I´m 62 years, traveling on my own.

    Thanking you in advance

  259. Tara says:

    My friend has a layover in JFK On a return flight from Bermuda back to the UK- she is a UK citizen but has visa for USA and filed estas – can she leave the airport terminal to meet me during her layover?

  260. Jason says:

    Canadian citizen (us greencard holder) traveling from NYC to Dublin with an 18 hour layover in Paris. Can I spend the day in Paris, or do I have to spend it at CDG airport?
    Thank you!

  261. Mike says:

    Hey there!

    I’ll be traveling through Turkey and have an overnight layover. I land at 5pm and leave at 1pm the next day. Can I leave the airport and grab a hotel without a tourist visa?

  262. kapil says:

    I booked my tickets in Transaero airlines from New York, US to New Delhi, India and we have connected flight from Moscow and layover is less than 5hrs.
    I am Indian citizen and have the valid Indian passport. For last more than 2 yrs i am working in US and going to India on vacation.
    My initial US visa has expired last year and I got VISA extension but after extension visa was not stamped as I didn’t travelled out side US after visa extension last year.

    Can you please help me to understand If I am allowed to travel Via Moscow with my Valid Indian passport and Proof of US VISA Extension documents ?
    Or do I need to take any kind of Russian VISA or permissions?
    It will be great if you can let me know what documents I required while travelling so that I don’t face any issue at Moscow airport for my onward flight.

  263. Erica Villa says:

    HELLO! I was searching for some infos before I book the flight that I found bound to Colombia for a 2 week visit. But the flights available are all connecting flight. DO you have any idea if the airports of

    New York, John F Kennedy (JFK),
    Atlanta (ATL), Georgia and
    Los Angeles (LAX), California,

    Will look for a visa from me if I have no plans of going outside the airport but to just wait for my next flight? Because I plan on leaving on October 25th and i dont think I have enough time to get a visa. PLease do answer my inquiry because I need to know badly. Thank you so much!

  264. Chinmayi says:

    I have 7-8 hours of layover at BKK Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport from morning 5.30 to 1. Next connected flight is for Phuket. What should I do in layover time?

  265. Joydeep says:


    I am an Indian citizen and travelling to US on H1B visa. My final destination is Richmond, Virginia. But the port of Entry is Dallas, Texas.

    Once the immigration and custom formalities are done in Dallas, TX – can I step out of the Dallas airport to later take up the flight to Richmond, Virginia.

    Please confirm.

  266. Devesh says:

    I am traveling to Nuremberg via Zurich having 11 hours lay over at Zurich can I a roam around Zurich and utilise these 11 hours please suggest

  267. grace says:

    I am flying from Boston to Rome with a 9 hour layover in amsterdam. I am a us citizen. Will I need to get and recheck my bags to enter amsterdam?

    • T.B. says:

      No you wont need to recheck. Bags are checked thru from the US in nearly all cases, unless you booked a separate flight. Americans are able to leave the airport without a visa.

  268. Ricki says:

    I have a layover at JFK airport connecting to mexico. Where I can go?

  269. Ashtyn says:

    I’m taking my husband on a trip to mark stuff off our “list” we made when we first started dating. We are leaving from Charlotte and flying to Dublin, Ireland. I saw one of the flights had a 9 hour layover in New York and that is another location on our list. I was wondering if it would be worth it choosing that flight or not. Would we be able to go see Time Square and Central park a few things like that? or would it take to long to leave the airport and recheck in for our flight?

  270. Ahmad Nabi Azzad says:

    I am Afghan citizen i have an Indian visa on my passport and my flight will be from Delhi to Dominica and Afghanistan passport holders don’t need Dominican visa it’s visa free for Afghans. So do i need a trasit visa to layover Toronto YYZ airport or no???? Coz my flight has 2 stops 1. YYZ and 2nd Barbados

  271. sabrina says:

    I am flying from LA to Tokyo and have a layover of 4 hours in Hawaii. I wanted to leave the airport and go exchange my dollars to yen at a place that has good rates but want to know if I will be allowed to leave the airport and come back??

  272. Utkarsh says:


    I am an Indian going to Spain on Schengen visa from Mumbai. I am planning to take a return flight From BCN to Mumbai via Paris with 9 hrs layover. As I am on Schengen visa can I come out of the airport in Paris? Or do I need to apply for any other visa as well? I am with my fiance who is a Spanish national.


  273. Savannah says:

    I’m flying from Chicago to Zürich with a 5 hour layover in Stockholm, Sweden & was wondering if I can meet up with a friend at or around airport & still have enough time to go back through security? I’m an American flying international for the 1st time.

  274. Sarah says:

    Hey we are applying for an australian transit visa wile travelling from malaysia to auckland.
    Can we suppose to leave the airport in melbourne as we already booked our next flight after 42 hours?
    Will australian embassy grant us a transit visa easily while travelling to auckland from malaysia?

  275. Sol says:

    Hi, am a Nigerian citizen, I have an over night Layover of 19 hour at Narita Japan airport, do I need a transit visa to stay at the airport and wait for my flight the next day to Mexico? Please I need some advice.

  276. Cherlyn says:

    Hi, I am a Singaporean. Can I layover for 18 hours at Heathrow London Airport Terminal 4 (or Terminal 5) until I depart from Heathrow (London)T5 to my next destination? Thanks for advise.

  277. Cherlyn says:

    I mean I stay in the T5 and waiting for my transit flight. (arrival at T4 in the afternoon and depart early morning the next day at T5). – Cherlyn

  278. Cherlyn says:

    I mean does the Heathrow London airport allow me to proceed from T4 to T5 and stay in the T5 for 15 hours until my next flight connection departure? I will be arrived at T4 in the afternoon and depart early morning the next day at T5.

    Many thanks for valuable advise – Cherlyn

  279. Parvez Ahmed says:

    Next week my transit in dubai 22hrs my destination Bangladesh. Can I visit Dubai city for sort time?

  280. James says:

    I’m staying in Bangkok for 9 hours for a layover, does anyone know if an Australian passport holder is allowed to leave with or without a visa?

  281. Monica says:

    Hi. I have an Indian passport and a valid US student visa. Can I go out of the airport during a 9 hour layover at Munich

  282. Daisi says:


    I’m looking to go to Australia and have a layover in Singapore on way there for 7 hours and a layover in Melbourne for 5 hours on way back to London.

    Would I be able to leave the airport during this time? I’m scared to book the flights and be stuck in an airport for this amount of time. There are only so many shops to look in at airports and I just do NOT want to be stuck somewhere for hours on end on my own.

  283. Myra says:

    I am travelling to the Philippines from the Uk in March and have a 9 hour layover in Dubai, can I leave the airport and will I need a visa?

    I am a UK citizen

  284. May says:

    I am a Filipino Citizen flying to Norway from Thailand. I have a Schengen tourist visa and I have 20 hrs layover in London via British airways. Can I explore the city while I’m there or do I need to get a visa?
    Your response will be highly appreciated. 🙂

  285. Chand says:

    Hi I am from Guyana South America flying to Dubai from New york since im having a US visa. I will be having connected flights in Zurich. Do I need a transit Visa if I will not be leaving the airport. Please help. Thanks

  286. Mohit Vohra says:

    Hi I am travelling from Delhi to London via Dubai (Emirates) with 8 hours layover – do I require Dubai visa just to change planes?

    However, for my return leg I have chosen Emirates flight with 21 hours layover in Dubai and also applying for 96 hours transit visa – will that allow me to go out of Dubai airport for few hours and freshen up (I am travelling with two kids and wife).

  287. Myrell Ann says:


    I just want to know if I can leave the airport when I had 6 hours lay over in Singapore?
    Just have a short sight seeing.

    *I’m from Malaysia but I’m Filipino.

    Your reply is highly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  288. Jet says:

    Hello, I have planned to fly to Munich from London, and vueling airline offers several options. One of them is having 18 hours layover in Barcelona. And my passport is visa-free to Barcelona. Can I leave for the city centre from Airport during these 18 hours?

  289. Claire says:

    Hi! I’m a UK citizen travelling home from Orlando to Doncaster (UK) via Dublin. We have the option to change at Philedelphia for either 2 hours or 8 hours… I’d go for the 2 hours normally, but I’m thinking that with the 1pm-9pm sto we could do a quick tour of the city (possibly hire a car?).
    We have ESTAs for entry to the USA, and I guess our luggage will be checked through (AA/Aer Lingus) as it’s being booked as a through flight. Is there anything to stop us doing this, and leaving the airport for 5 hours or so?
    Thanks for any advice!

  290. Carla McGarvie says:


    I live in Seattle and am taking a flight to Europe that originates in Vancouver, Canada (way cheaper to fly out of Vancouver than Seattle). On the way home from Porto my flight has a four hour layover in Seattle before flying on to Vancouvver where I will have to bus or train 4 hours back to Seattle. Is there anything that prevents me from just leaving the airport in Seattle and skipping the last leg to Vancouver? Can I collect my checked bag in Seattle?

  291. pathirana says:

    I am srilanka. I am transit in honkong only 6 hours by cathipacifis air ,do i need a visa? i am not going to outside

  292. niku says:

    hello i am indian citizen getting schengen visa for visiting sweden. can i get out and explore paris during my 16 hr layover at cdg airport

  293. shichi says:

    hello. I am travelling to Amsterdam and we have a 9 hour layover in London Heathrow. visa will be needed if we decide to go out of the airport correct? thank you so much!

  294. I am a big supporter of using long layover time to get out of the airport and visit whatever city you are in. The only thing you need to be careful about is transportation. I agree with you that it is a good idea to ask about the most reliable transportation options. It is almost always going to be a good idea to hire a company to take you around. In any case, you should always ask how long it takes to get back to the airport.

  295. Zobia says:

    Hello. Im travelling from Keflavik and have a 11 hour layover in CDG. Can I go out and tour for a short time? I have a Schengen visa. Thank you

  296. Abhi says:

    Hi! I’m a Nepali citizen travelling from Kathmandu to Morocco, I have a 14hr transit at Paris. Will I be able to leave the airport? and visit Paris for a while?

  297. Casie says:


    I have a flight to Dubai from Toronto with a 12 hour transit in London. I have a Canadian passport.

    Will I be able to exit the airport in London or will I need some sort of Transit visa?

  298. ST says:


    i am malaysian, have a flight from Singapore to Madrid spain, transit in Helsinki, which about 10 hours layover in Helsinki.
    can anyone kindly advice whether i am allowed to exit Helsinki aiport to city during the layover?

    Many thanks.

  299. Swapnil Narwade says:

    I am Indian citizen with f1 visa ( US student visa) holder. I have 15 hrs 18:15 – 9:30 next day layover in Heathrow (London ). So can I leave airport and roam around the city? And if not which visa do I need? Please enlighten me about this issue.

  300. Rakesh says:

    Hi. I am travelling from SFO to India holding an Indian passport and US visa with 10yrs validity. I have a 17hr layover in London Heathrow. I want to take a citytour in the city. Can i go out without obtaining a transit visa?

  301. Ankit says:

    I am travelling to Australia this month 19 th via Singapore. I have a 14 hour transit in Singapore. Can I get a transit visa to travel in the city for the duration?

  302. Kethe says:

    I am an Indian Citizen travelling from New Delhi to Chicago via London. I have a hop in London for 16 hours and I am wondering if I can step out of the airport for some fresh air and sight seeing and if possible to meet UK friends.

    Looking at couple of threads, I learnt that it is ok and as well some one mentioned that we should not because of not having UK visa.

    Anyone have recent experience of London Heathrow Airport, please do let me know.


  303. Sam says:


    I am travelling from New Delhi(India) to Toronto(Canada) via Frankfurt(Germany) having a 6 hr layover at Frankfurt. I have an Indian passport, a Canadian Permanent Resident card and a US visa. How can I meet my German friend at the airport or outside it for a few hours?

  304. Faraz Rafiq says:

    Just a question.
    Im in colombus right now going to richmond and have a 4 hour layover at newyork.
    Can i just go out roam the place then get back on or will that be a problem? Is there some sort of security that checks this stuff at the airport?

  305. Ana says:

    Hi! I am flying from UK to Belarus through Vienna and during my layover in Vienna would like to go out of the airport to see the city. I have two passports, one British and one Belarussian passport with UK resident visa. Will l be able to use both passports to leave the airport in Vienna and come back to go to Belarus without applying for an Austrian visa? Many thanks!

  306. Srikanth says:

    Hi some one help me here,
    I have a valid b1/b2 US Visa ..
    Iam travelling from India to dettroit and while coming back from dettroit there is a layover of 10 hours in NEWYork .. Am I allowed outside to see the city as I have valid us visa .. Also where I will get exit stamp is it at dettroit or Newyork ..
    Please let me know aspl

  307. Prathyush says:

    I’m an International Student in US from India. Can anyone help me with the procedure if I wanna go out of the Frankfurt airport to meet a friend during a sufficiently long layover. My flight would be from US to INDIA.
    Thanks in advance.

  308. Daniel says:

    Hi, I am a Cameroonian citizen and I am travelling to Haiti.I got 12hrs layover in New York. Can I get out of the airport.

  309. Aman says:

    I’m an Indian having Canada Visa. I’m travelling to Canada via Paris from Mumbai. Do I need visa to get out of Paris-airport ?
    P.S.- I have 23 hrs layout in Paris.

  310. sanjani lata says:

    iam from fiji citizen if i arrive to Sydney at 10.15 and connecting flight again at 5am so can i go out of airport to fresh up in any near by hotel.

    sanjani lata

  311. Ayush Gupta says:

    I am an Indian with Indian Passport,but staying in Kathmandu, Nepal. Going Dubai in Holidays, but having connecting flight from Delhi, after 8 hours of wait time, Can I go outside of airport, Or will Airlines will provide me room and lunch ??? Am I need to collect my luggage ?? Waiting for your quick reply, As my flight is just after 2 days.

  312. Bee says:

    Am travelling from Ghana to Trinidad and Tobago and I have 5hrs layover at Washington,will I be allowed to go out of the airport? Thanks

  313. Mary says:

    Hi I have a 11 hour layover in LAX during my flight from New Zealand to Paris. Can I leave the airport? thanks in advance:)

  314. Hiralal Sharma says:

    I am an Indian going to travel from Kolkata to Sydney via 1 stop Hong Kong. Waitin time is more than 12 hours.
    I would like to visit Hong Kong during the waiting period.
    Kindly advise me.
    Thanking you

  315. Muhammad says:


    i’m traveling from New York to India and i have a layover of 12 hours at Manchester Airport UK, can my friends and family come to airport to meet me ?

    i have an indian passport and US Greencard.

    Would appreciate your help.

  316. Subash says:

    I am an Indian citizen living in Ecuador. I will be traveling to India but I need to wait in Dubai airport and Madrid airport less than 4 hours each for my next flight to India. I will not be leaving Dubai and Madrid airport. So in this case do I need a transit visa?

    • Christina says:

      You do need a visa to enter UAE. I have a Canadian passport and i needed a visa (took it from the airport)

  317. Diana says:

    Im an American & have a 22 hour layover in Manilla on return from Sydney, do I need a visa to sightsee in Phillipines??

  318. ANURAG BANSAL says:


  319. Evan says:

    I’m an american citizen and I have a 7 hour layover in Dubai. Do i need a prearranged visa or can i get one there so i can walk around for a bit and head back in?

  320. Kerry says:

    Hi, I am a South African travelling to Perth with a 8 hour layover in Hong Kong – Apparently i do not need a visa for Hong Kong.Are there any places i could visit near the airport to get a Hong kong experience?