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Layover in Narita, Japan

| December 19, 2015

Stuck on a Narita layover in Japan? If you have a long layover in Narita, you may want to explore the small city for a few hours. Tokyo is easily two hours (sometimes more) away from the Narita Airport, so if you’ve got a delay for less than a day, it might not be worth the travel time. Narita City is a 15 minute train ride on the Keisei line, which has regularly departing trains to Narita from both terminals. On your way back to the airport, board a train from Narita to the airport terminals. You can find out more about the train lines and transportation to and from Narita here.

Layover in Narita
If you travel outside the airport, make sure you get Japanese currency, as most places will not take foreign money. You should also check ahead for any festivals or events in Narita. You can check the Narita’s calendar of events. In addition, The Japan National Tourist Organization offers short tours from Narita International Airport.

If you arrive at night or are looking for a place to rest, the Hilton Tokyo Airport Hotel Narita is located at the airport and offers offers a fitness center, an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor tennis court, sauna, and a large garden. In addition, there are many hotels near the airport. For a comprehensive list of hotels of varying price points, click here.

Layover Guide’s Top Picks Of Things To Do In Narita:

Chiba Prefectural Flower and Tree Center

Closest to the airport, only a quick taxi ride away, you can find the Chiba Prefectural Flower and Tree Garden. At this botanical garden, you can get a lesson in gardening, and buy potted Bonsai plants. You can see more than 55,000 plants and flowers in stone gardens, model gardens and a greenhouse. The centerpiece is a large flower bed shaped like a pyramid. It’s open 9AM – 4:30PM, closed on Mondays, and certain holidays Admission is free.

Shinsho-ji Temple and Park

The Narita-san Shinso-ji Temple is Tokyo’s oldest, dating back to 645. Directions are available at the airport’s Tourist Information Desk. You’ll take Keisei Line, and a short walk will bring you to the temple and park. The temple is known for its fire ritual, which they perform daily. There are local fortune tellers, and visitors can buy a paper oracle from vending machines. The is surrounded by traditional Japanese gardens. In the park you can find the Great Pagoda of Peace. The park is very large containing ancient gates, a bell tower, and a prayer wheel. You can find a map of the temple grounds here.

Naritasan Calligraphy Museum

This museum gives the history of calligraphy and shows many examples on display. It shows works ranging from the Edo period to modern times. The museum is located beside Sanno-Ike pond in Naritasan Park.

Narita Tourist Pavilion

Here, at Narita’s Tourist Pavilion, you can find all the information about Narita. Festively decorated with festival floats, you can stay for the Tea Ceremony (on Thursdays from 10:30AM) that introduces foreigners to Japanese culture. Visitors sit on the carpet, listen to Koto music, and have tea and sweets. Afterwards, guests are invited to try on Kimono.

Local Food and Gifts

Omotesando is a lively, colorful street lined with restaurants and stores. Here, you can buy anything from eel to seahorse skeletons. There is a 100 Yen Store where you can find cute gifts including chopsticks, sushi plates and sake.

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