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Paris Layover (Charles De Gaulle)

| January 2, 2016

Stuck on a Paris layover at Paris' Charles De Gaulle International Airport (CDG)? The airport is the hub of Air France and France’s main airport, located roughly 15 miles from Paris’ city center which makes the city an accessible destination for on a long layover. If you’re trying to figure out if you can leave the airport during your Paris Charles De Gaulle layover, click here for useful tips.

Layover Paris Stopover
If you’re stuck in the De Gaulle airport during your Paris layover, there’s plenty of shops and services to help you bide your time. There’s a number of bars and restaurants as well as lots of duty free and regular shopping.

For kids, there are Gulli play areas with games and a TV area (click here for locations), Playstation areas, coin-operated arcade games including pinball, pool, foosball and more, located in terminal 3 in the Schengen boarding lounge and in the international lounge. There are also play areas and Disney areas where kids can climb, slide and burn off energy before the flight in the boarding lounges of terminals 2C, 2D and 2E (in the boarding lounge in the remote area).

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For adults looks to relax, the Charles De Gaulle airport hosts the Be Relax spa in Terminal 2E near desk E69 and in kiosks throughout Terminal 2. Here you can get a number of services including massages, acupressure, reflexology, manicures and pedicures, and facials. Appointments are not necessary, customers will be attended to based on arrival time. For more information call +33 144 13 76 94 or email [email protected] In addition to the spa, there is also a Men’s lounge salon in Paris-Charles de Gaulle terminal 2D.

There is also Internet access available in the Paris De Gaulle airport. There is the Atlanteam Cyber Café with four locations in the airport (click here for more info) as well as Multimedia Terminals that allow a number of various operations including downloading music, web phone, web cam, digital photo printing and more. There is also WiFi hotspots in all the terminals, and business workstations. You can also find a Music Lounge at Paris-Charles de Gaulle in Terminal South (Hall A).

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The airport also has a number of additional services including a post office, multi-faith prayer area, banks, and pharmacies.

If you’re looking to store your bags while you explore during your Paris layover, Charles De Gaulle offers baggage storage. Bagages du Monde will ship, store (short term or long term) or wrap your luggage. Click here for pricing, location and more information.

If you’re layover is at night or you’re looking to get some rest, there are many hotels options. Directly inside the airport you can find the Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel & Conference Center located in Terminal 2. Here’s an additional list of Paris hotels at varying price points, and for a list of hotels specifically near the airport, click here.

If you’re leaving the airport, there’s a number of transportation options. Taxis are located outside the arrivals terminal and a general fare to the Paris center costs €50. If you choose to travel by rail, the Paris-Charles de Gaulle SNCF station is located between terminals 2C-2D and 2E-2F. Click here for additional information on rail and bus travel in Paris. Private transfers can also be arranged.

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Eiffel tower Paris France

Eiffel Tower

Transfer at St. Michel to the yellow RER line, and go to the Eiffel Tower at Champ Des Mars stop. Take trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower. On a clear day, there’s no other view that compares. To purchase Skip The Line Eiffel Tower tickets, click here.

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  1. Thank you for your comment about the Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel. For your information, we have rooms available for day hours, you don't need to stay for one night to benefit from the comfort of a Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed, with internet access. Also, you can just come for a drink at the Galaxy Bar or have lunch at Les Saisons restaurant. Stay connected with us: sheratonparisairport.com/socialmedia

    • Bette Jamarik says:

      do you still have rooms for day hours? I arrive with 3 other adults on Sept 7 – we will have long layover until 11 pm and just need a room to nap and freshen up during the day… tks (last response was several years ago from Sheraton Airport hotel) it is now 2013.

  2. Felicy says:

    Pls advise on your day rates for Sheraton. I’ll be arriving on Air France Terminal 2C on August 21st and have an 8hr layover.

  3. Emem says:

    Please I have just arrived terminal 2b in CDG and will be aboard Air France to Nigeria tomorrow. I have approximately 9 hts before I start checking in. Please advice me on possible rates and where I can have a short rest

  4. Dears,
    During your layover you can leave your baggage in our facility open 7 days a week from 06.00 to 21.30. We are located simply in front of Sheraton hotel. For more details

  5. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks for this article,

    Few more tips for you’re reader on how to get from the airport to the city:

    Train: this is cheapest way to go into the city. From the airport, you take the RER B (Blue Line). You’ll be able to buy a ticket either at a counter or at a machine. We strongly recommend you to buy a ticket for your way back at the same time… There are sometime a lot of people at the train station near the Eiffel tower and you don’t want to wait there before taking your train back!

    Air France Coach

    Air France coaches serves many stops within Paris, among them the Place de l’Etoile / Arc de Triomphe station (line 2 – Green Line). From there, you will be able to take the subway, line 6 (green line) to Trocadero. This station is just in front of the Eiffel tower, on the other side of the river. It has the best view on the tower, with a 10 minutes walk to go to the tower after taking your pictures!

    • Madeline Louvre says:

      Do you take the same Blue line train back to the airport? Does it read: de Gaulle on the train?

      • Emmanuel says:

        No, we take a private car – If you’re speaking about the RER B, it will be written “Aéroports Charles de Gaulle”ç

  6. Sham says:

    Do you have room for day hours on February 16?

  7. said says:

    I live in canada,i m a permanent resident.I have 23 hours layover in paris and wondering if there is any way how can i get out from the airport to spend a day with my sister who lives in paris . I was going to get visa here in my city but unfortunately the visa office is closed due to the UE changes ,so i have to travel for a long distance to apply in person for a visa which is expensive.the problem is i booked my flight before knowing that the office is closed.
    Please any help,Thanks

  8. Preeti says:

    I have a 7hr layover at Paris. I am handicapped and travelling alone. Can I check in to Sheraton, without having to leave the airport and without a visa?

  9. Sam says:

    I have a long layover 21 hours before the next flight and my question, if I chose to tour the city do I need to checkout my luggage and check them in for my next flight? The ticket is all the way to Beirut and usually on a short layover we don’t checkout or in again.

  10. Erica Villa says:

    hello. i have a 5 hour layover in Paris, Charles de Gaulle (CDG). DO i need to have a visa for just a 5 hour layover? I’ve no plans of going outside the airport, im just gonna wait for my next connecting flight. Thank you so much in advance for answering! I need this info so bad

  11. Vanessa says:

    I have 23 hours layover in Pairs overnight and next day catch up the flight. I am with my Philippines passport. Do I need Visa for France only in few hours stay?

  12. Makarand says:

    We have a seven hour layover at CDG today. Do we require a visa to check in at Airport Shereton for a short stay?

  13. Bhoje Gowda says:

    On our way to USA, We plan to travel Europe, we want to keep our 4 suit cases each weigh about 23 kg for 11 days. How much it cost to keep the luggage in storage.

    Please reply

  14. Anya says:

    hi ,we have 8 hours between flights and we want see downtown in paris ,is it better to take train ttc or taxi.andwe dont need to go for long ,any suggestions

  15. Katherine says:

    We are arriving at the Charles de Gaulle airport on November 17 at 8:00 AM and our flight to Greece leaves at 6:35pm. Is there any reliable site to book a short tour of France and get picked up at the airport?

  16. Morgan says:

    Hi, I’m traveling to Montreal, Canada and have a 10 hours layover in pairs air port.
    Please advice if I’m intiteled to get a free hotel room?