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Sacramento Layover (SMF)

| February 29, 2016

Stuck on a layover at the Sacramento International Airport (SMF) in California? The Sacramento airport is located approximately 10 miles from downtown, which makes the city a very accessible destination for those stuck on long layovers. If you’re trying to determine whether you can leave the airport during your Sacramento layover, click here for useful tips.

Stopover layover Sacramento airport

If your stuck at the airport during your  Sacramento airport, there’s lots to do to help you pass the time. The airport has a lot of dining options in terminal A and B, including bars and all types of cuisine from organic to Mexican as well as an eclectic menu at Iron Horse Tavern in Terminal A. There are also many place to shop including InMotion Electronics, Calvin Klein and DKNY, travelers can shop for items not typical for an airport.

Travelers at the Sacramento airport can also stop to relax at the Massage Bar, located in Terminal 2, post security. (Open Sun – Fri: 8 AM to 9 PM, Sat: 9 AM to 6 PM)

Visitors can also stop to enjoy the rotating art displays at the Sacramento airport during their layovers. Constantly displaying works from international artists, SMF has a number of displays including the Flying Carpet in Terminal A, featuring aerial images of the Sacramento River that has been woven into a woolen carpet. In Terminal A baggage is a multimedia display of two giant 23′ pillars built out of luggage pieces that date back from the beginning of air travel, and there are also glass panels in Terminal A that illustrate scenes from along the Sacramento River.

There are also a number of stunning art displays in Terminal B including Acorn Steam, a huge suspended display (pictured above) that represents Sacramento’s native oak trees and their acorns, and a flock of cranes in acrylic panels with LED lights are traveling from the baggage claim area. There is also an interesting musical display that is part free Wi-Fi terminal and part musical instrument, which allows one to entertain other passengers with a literary-based musical composition.

The Sacramento airport offers a number of transportation options including taxis, rental cars, shuttles and luxury options, public transportation.

Layover Guide’s Suggestions Of Things To Do On A Sacramento Layover:

California State Railroad Museum

The California State Railroad Museum is a fun place for kids of all ages (and adults too). Open since 1976, the museum attracts half a million visitors each year, who come to see the many exhibits including restored railroad cars and locomotives – many of which are open to be toured – as well as a great history of railroads in the West. There is also a play area upstairs for kids to play with toy trains, and watch a large electric toy train set.

Old Sacramento

Located just down the street from the Sacramento Railroad Museum, Old Sacramento is a fun place to stroll. This area is a California Historical landmark with restored buildings dating back to early Gold Rush era. Here you can find a number of places to eat, wander, and get a drink.

Crocker Art Museum

Established in 1885, the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento offers many exhibitions on fine art, including California art, European and Asian art, ceramics, photography, and more.

Sutter’s Fort

Sutter’s Fort is a fort that was restored in the late 19th century. It was originally built by John Sutter. It was one of Sutter’s workers who first found gold and kicked off the California Gold Rush. Before the Gold Rush, it was one of the main industries as a agriculture trading post, but was abandoned shortly after the discovery of gold.

Have a suggestion for a Sacramento layover? Leave a comment below!

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