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Packing List For Vietnam Layovers

| January 16, 2018

It is essential to prepare personal things before you take a trip to Vietnam. Apart from clothes, what should foreigners bring when visiting Vietnam on a layover? Below is a packing list for your Vietnam trip that you need to consider.

vietnam layover


  1. Travel documents

Passport and visa are important documents if you want to travel abroad so first of all check your passport first to ensure that it is still valid at least six months. Besides, according to Vietnamese regulations, all US citizens will be required to get a valid Vietnam visa whenever coming to Vietnam for both leisure and business purpose. There are 3 legal ways to obtain Vietnam Visa for US citizens including at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate, Vietnam Visa on Arrival, or Vietnam e-visa.

In addition, it is needed to make at least 2 copies of all your travel documents such as your passport, visa, credit card, and ID card. Leave one set at home and the other in your luggage in case the originals are lost or stolen when you are in Vietnam.

  1. Cash and cards

Bringing some Vietnam Dong is quite important, so exchange your country currency into Vietnam Dong before your flight to the country because US dollar is acceptable to make a payment in Vietnam but it is only applicable to some big hotels and restaurants. Don’t worry if you are out of Vietnam Dong and US dollar when traveling around Vietnam as you can easily take them out from an ATM. Moreover, credit cards including Master cards and Visa cards are widely accepted in Vietnam. Take note that if you want to use cards when you are abroad, please remember to announce your bank before coming to Vietnam or else they will freeze your cards.

  1. Electronics

A mobile phone is needed if you want to make a call in Vietnam, just buy a sim card in this country. It is not difficult to find a place selling Vietnam sim cards such as at the airport or there are a lot of shops and stalls along the sidewalk. Moreover, you can take photos with your phone, but a camera is a should-not-miss device if you wish to have the ones more lively and sharp.

  1. Chargers

One of the things that you should bring along is a charger as without it, you can’t use mobile phone or camera if they are out of battery. Additionally, almost sockets at Vietnam accommodations are two round prongs with 220 volts, so it is highly recommended to bring an electric adapter.

  1. Insect spray

Insect spray is really important, especially when you travel to Vietnam on the rainy season. This is the season that mosquitos come alive more during the period of time. Furthermore, insect spray can protect you from diseases that cause by insects bite.

  1. Medicines

It is not difficult to find a pharmacy in Vietnam cities, but seeing an English speaking doctor is quite expensive. Hence, you’d rather bring medicines with you such as Neosporin (used to clean infections), aspirin, and hydrocortisone cream (used for itchy bites). If you have special prescriptions such as for allergy, it’s better for you to pack them in your luggage as well.

  1. Sunscreen

Vietnam is a tropical country and it is really hot in summer (May to August), especially from 11 am to 3 pm. Thus, to avoid UV and sunburn, you should bring sunscreen with you and use it during the time you are in Vietnam.

Tip: drink more water when you are in the country.

Some more tips:

Knowing how to pack your clothes when travel to Vietnam is also necessary as there regions in the country (the North, the Central, and the South) has its own weather pattern. Below are some tips to pack clothes and what to expect depending on each season:

  • Spring (from February to April):

Southern Vietnam: Light, and breathable clothes as the temperature in this region is around 20°C to 30°C, and reach the highest 40°C in March and April.

Central Vietnam: A light sweater as its temperature is cooler a bit (24°C to 26°C)

Northern Vietnam: Warm clothes as it is cold in this region, and some places can snow.

What to expect: A lot of kinds of flowers bloom in most of the destinations during this season. Moreover, Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) which is the most important national holiday of Vietnam takes place in spring (usually falls in February) as well.

  • Summer (from May to August):

In this season, it is quite hot but also rainy at this time across the country; therefore, you should bring lightweight clothes, umbrella and raincoat.

What to expect: Many local events are held in summer, especially Moon Festival in August with lots of lanterns and boats are lit and released on water to help the spirits find their way home.

  • Autumn (from September to November):

Southern Vietnam and Northern Vietnam: Light, and breathable clothes or a sweater or light jacket while you are in the mountainous region will be much suitable.

Central Vietnam: It is highly recommended you shouldn’t visit this region during this time as it is the monsoon season here. However, if you still wish to come to the Central of Vietnam in this season, remember to pack umbrella, raincoat, and jacket.

What to expect: National Day is celebrated in this season to celebrate Vietnam’s independence. If you visit Hanoi on this occasion, you can enjoy parades and fireworks.

  • Winter (from December to February):

Northern Vietnam and Central Vietnam: please be noticed to prepare warm clothes and umbrella as it can be rain and the average temperatures is 20°C or even much colder in the far north areas.

Southern Vietnam: casual clothes and a light jacket as the weather is cool in this region.

What to expect: You can enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year in Vietnam. There are also fireworks in the big cities on the New Year’s Eve.

All the things above are necessary for you to bring along when you coming to Vietnam. Those basic things will undoubtedly be useful and can help you feel safe and comfort in Vietnam. One more time to take notice of your Vietnam visa first and arrange things, hope you will have an amazing time in this interesting country.

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