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FAQs & Resources

There are lots of questions on what to do when planning your layover. Layover Guide listed all of our quick, helpful resources to navigating your layover:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I Need A Visa For My Layover?

Your country of citizenship determines whether you need a visa for a particular destination. Check with your country to see what your entry requirement is into your layover country – what is acceptable is all dependent on your citizenship and your layover country. Some, for example, require visas even for very short visits, while others don’t. In addition, at certain countries you can pay for the visa when you arrive, but many destinations need to be planned ahead of arrival. Here is more information on Travel Visas for Layovers.

Can I Leave The Airport On A Layover?

There’s a lot to figure out in order to know if you can (and should) leave the airport during a layover. Do you have a visa in your layover country (if needed)? Are you responsible for your luggage? Do you have enough time, and how far away is downtown? What is the best transportation and is it reliable? Layover Guide helps you break down the different things to take into account on Can I Leave The Airport During A Layover?

Do I Have Enough Time To Leave The Airport?

This is a popular question, and the answer definitely varies based on your layover location, and a number of other factors including whether you need to transfer currency, how far away downtown is, how reliable transportation is, whether you know the language, how much traffic is expected during when you’re commuting, etc. Here is more information on How Much Time Do I Need To Leave the Airport?

What Do I Need To Know (Or Do) For A Connecting Flight?

Connecting flights bring up lots of questions: Do I need to recheck my luggage? What Do I need to do for International connecting flights? Is there a difference if I buy two separate tickets on different airlines? Here is more information on Catching Connecting Flights to help break down what you need to know.

For Overnight Layovers, Does My Airline Provide a Hotel Room?

Many times, airlines do provide hotel rooms for travelers booked on a flight with an overnight airline. Call your airline and inquire beforehand. Here you can find lots of other Tips On Making The Most Of Your Layover.

What Do You Do If You Miss Your Layover Connecting Flight?

There are many reasons that you can miss your layover connection, and Layover Guide gives the lowdown on what happens if you miss your flight. You can find ways to avoid this from happening, as well as when the airline will cover the costs in our article, What To Do If You Miss Your Layover Flight.

How Can I Get Through Security Faster?

For those crunched for time, there are some great ways to expedite your security wait time, including getting approved for TSA PreCheck. For lots of great tips, visit our article on Tips for Getting Through Airport Security.

Layover Resources:

What To Pack On A Layover?

You have limited space, and limited time on your layover. What are the best things to pack? Here’s Layover Guide’s Ultimate Layover Packing List. And for those who are backpacking, here’s our Top Ten Backpacking Essentials.

What Luggage Is Best For A Layover?

The size, weight and dimensions of luggage is critically important for planning a layover. Will it fit as a carry on? Is it easy to move and wheel, or carry? Layover Guide breaks down the Best Layover Luggage, by traveler type.

Where Should I Stay During A Layover?

Layover Guide lists hotels you can stay in that are either close to your specific airport, or located in the main downtown area of each city. Check your specific Layover Guide to your specific city at Layover Guide A-Z.

Are There Tours I Can Do During My Layover?

Yes! Layover Guide is partnered with Viator, which provides organized tours in many different interests – from sightseeing tours, to private tours, and tours in specific interests. There are also night tours available at many destinations. Check your specific Layover Guide to your specific city at Layover Guide A-Z and you can find all the tour information under “things to do.”

I’m Traveling With My Pet. What Do I Need To Know?

Your pet is part of your family – so why wouldn’t you want to spend your trip with your best four-legged friend? What do you need to know when flying with your dog or cat? Layover Guide breaks down all the basics to airline travel with pets, including logistics, planning for layovers, here.

Have any other general layover questions that aren’t listed above? Leave a comment below!